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Tibetan Double Dorje pendant in Crystal

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The outer (by outer we mean 'known to all') meaning of the dorje is a Tibetan thunderbolt symbolizing male power, the inner (by inner we mean 'known to devotees') meaning is the emblem of Vajrayana, the Diamond World - that which cuts through our delusions. The secret (secret means what secret usually does 'known only to masters') meaning is Emptiness - being devoid of a separate self and thus containing all possibility. Brought to Tibet by the great magickal Buddha Padmasambhava, it is also a magick wand. The double Dorje represents the indestructibility of all phenomenonal essence. It serves as a symbol of harmony, immutability, and all-knowingness. The single, uncrossed representation, vajra (diamond scepter, dorje in Tibetan), symbolizes skillful means and compassion.

The Double Dorje sign has been hand carved in crystal and the size of 'Double Dorje pendant' is approximately 2 centimeters. The Pendant has been binded in german silver.