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Powerful combination of 3D Shriparni Kuber , Shriparni Sriyantra on Lotus petals and Shriparni Kanakdhara yantra together

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This is the most auspicious trio of Divine Shriparni Sri Kubera Yantra , Sri Maha Meru on Lotus petals & Sri Kanakdhara Yantra in 3D form is a very powerful combination that functions as a superb dynamo to lead the family to success, prosperity and fulfillment. Scriptures state that this rare amalgamation of three different power centres can destroy all sins, confer auspicious blessings and shed light on one’s path. It not only confers the boon of great prosperity on the family but also helps retain the accumulated wealth. This trio yantra combination helps a person in business, increase turnovers and even in speculation.

Please note that all the three 3D Yantras are of varying sizes .

The total maximum size of the whole unit would be : 12" x 4" x 4"

The powerful combination of these yantras comes in attractive acrylic box. This combination is very powerful for worship at home, temples, offices, shops and ideal for gifting at occasions.