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Pure Copper ring with Chakra design engraved on it

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Copper has a long history of use in the realm of health, and modern science has confirmed many of its beneficial properties. Many people have experienced relief from medical conditions as a result of wearing copper jewelry. Copper has been used to promote health in various ways since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians used it to purify water for drinking, and cultures around the world used it as a form of medicine for several diseases.

Wearing a metal ring, especially made of copper, by a seeker on the ring finger stabilizes the body and provides the fundamental support for sadhana or spiritual practices.

Some astrologers believe that wearing a copper ring reduces malefic effects of planet Mars (Mangal)

This ring has few Chakras (Circles) engraved on it. This can also be used for fashion purpose.

This ring is free size and open from backside (Please refer to images)


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