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Lord Ganesha is the God of success and overcoming obstacles, but is also associated with wisdom, learning, prudence,business luck and power. As the god of success, his names are chanted at the start of any important venture. As the remover of obstacles, he is invoked at the start of every journey, marriage, religious rite, house construction, the writing of a book or even a letter. The conch has Around 7 Pictures of Lord Ganesha Encarved on it in middle section of conch and 9 pics of Lord Ganesha in lower section ( Plz check Pics) Details of Brass Lord Ganesha Conch:- Weight :- 2100 gms ( 2 kgs,100 gms ) Height :- 8.5 " ( 21.5 cms / 215 mm ) * Please Note that this Conch can't be Blown , Its made up of Brass and just for Religious, Collector or Artistic use only.This Conch can be kept in temple same as we keep idols.