Oils to be used for ligtening lamp as per hinduism

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Hinduism and many other faiths across the world recommend the use of lamps and light in prayers. The light symbolizes the absence of darkness, grief and sorrows. The Oil Lamp, Diya, Deepa or Deepam is lit to bow down to knowledge and remove darkness from our homes. It is customary to light a lamp before starting any auspicious event or ceremony and is a constant fixture in the "Pooja" or holy room in every home in India. By lighting lamps, the glow of the almighty is said to spread all over one's home and is an invitation to the gods to visit our homes. Its mentioned in Sri Agastya Maharishi's Bhrama Rahasyam: The vibration which emerges from the lamp will work as a 3 dimensional vastu protector, positive energy enhancer and bestower of peace and prosperity.

Oil used for puja deepam

Though using any particular oil for lighting lamp is personal choice, yet below given are benefits of using particular oils as per personal experiences and known facts.

  • Desi ghee - Cow's ghee is considered best for puja and lightening lamp purpose. But now a days what's sold in market in the name of desi ghee is not desi ghee at all.¬†‚ÄúGhee‚ÄĚ Must be from indigenous breed of indigenous desi cow.¬†If prepared by Vedic process the Ghee becomes spiritually energized with positive energy, thus establishing total physical, mental and spiritual harmony.¬†Agnipurana praises the Ghee lamp the most but it also states that for cleansing of the chakras and nadis. Ghee lamp purifies the Manipur and Anahat Chakras. Lighting a lamp with cow's ghee will attract all the positive vibrations in the surrounding atmosphere. This will also kill poverty and will improve the wealth, health of one's family. This will also gift Goddess Mahalakshmi's blessings. Real cow ghee is not cheap and though we are not writing this blog to promote any particular brand, yet through personal experience we can say that Pathmeda , Goseva are few very reliable brands for real cow's ghee. One can also approach local cow milk seller in villages for real cow ghee.

  • Pancha Deepam oil -¬†The Pancha deepa Oil or Panchadeepam Oil is strongly suggested to light a lamp to nullify all evil and bring knowledge, health and wealth into your home. The Pancha deepam Oil is the¬†blend of 5 Oils in perfect and pure proportion to ensure that the purity and sanctity of your prayers are protected. Each of these 5 oils has their significance and should be mixed in the perfect ratio in the purest sense. Lighting lamps with Pancha Deepam Oil brings happiness, health, wealth, fame and prosperity to your home. An perfect Pancha deepam oil should¬†contains Sesame oil or Coconut oil ( 35%), Cow ghee (20%) , Mahua oil (20%) , Castor oil (15%) and Neem oil (10%) , though its available in market in other ratios too. This is second best after Cow's ghee (Personally experienced).

  • Sesame oil - Sesame oil or more popularly known as¬†Gingelly oil or Til oil, lightening a lamp with it¬†will eliminate doshas and repels evil spirits. Til oil helps to eliminate long term problems and will remove obstacles from one's life. If you are doing mantra japa or sadhana of Lord Bhairava , then Sesame oil is highly recommended for lightening lamps. This is cheaper than Pancha deepam oil , but costly than mustard oil.¬†

  • Mustard oil - Mustard oil is most popular choice to lit the lamps as its easily available everywhere and pocket friendly. Using mustard oil for lighting diya removes doshas related to planet¬†Saturn and also ward of diseases. Just like any other product mustard oil available in market comes in many qualities from pure to mixed. Popular brands we have tried are Patanjali, Gurukul , Swadeshi etc. One can also approach local oil mill and get the purest form of mustard oil.

  • Coconut oil¬†- Coconut oil is more popular choice of oil in southern India. Its said that using this in puja lamps pleases Lord Ganesha. Purest form of coconut oil is easily available in market.

  • Other oils -¬†Neem , Mahua , Castor , Jasmine oil etc are less popular oils used for lightening lamps, but one can use these. Most of times these are blended with other oils for smooth use.

Please avoid using Groundnut oil, Sunflower oil, Palm oil , Vegetable oils, Rice bran oil, Synthetic oils , Cotton seed oil etc for lightening Diya. 

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