Remedies for peace, prosperity and happiness at home

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Now a days life is moving too fast, most of people are unhappy or unsatisfied with their lives. Materialistic things give happiness for a day or two and then things are same as usual. If you have everything and yet remain unhappy OR don't have anything so you remain unhappy,  if your expenses are more than income OR home is always surrounded with health problems and unexpected issues, you can try the below given remedies for peace, prosperity and happiness at home. 

Remedies for peace, prosperity and happiness at home

  • Put a pot having Tulsi plant in it outside main entry door.
  • Keep an diya under this Tulsi plant and every evening light it using sesame oil, musturd oil or Pancha deepam oil (best).
  • Mix Turmeric powder in Gangajal and make a symbol of Swastik on both sides of entry door walls OR Stick Trishakti symbols on both sides.
  • Draw or Stick some auspicious symbols on main door like Swastik, Aum etc using turmeric, sandal , red sandal or any natural stuff. Avoid synthetic colors . 
  • Make auspicious Symbols like Swastik & Om on the North / East walls to bring prosperity and good luck. Do not make swastika or Om symbols in the Rangoli on the floor.
  • Use flowers to decorate the entry door of home. In South india most of people do this regularly. This attracts positive energy. 
  • Use a Camphor burner and burn pure camphor daily. Camphor burning has been used for centuries to clear the negative energy. It purifies air and casts off evil- eye. 
  • Use good natural incense daily at home. Soothing smells have positive effect on surroundings, mind and body. Strictly avoid harmful chemical perfumes and incense.
  • Chant prayer of your kuladevta or Ishta daily and request him to protect you from all negativity and misfortune. You can also play good mantra cd's at low volume for some positivity.
  • If you have heavy debts or expenditures and want to get rid of debts and save money then go to any Gaushala in your area every week and use some part of your earnings ( 10-20 rupees or more as per your will) to buy cattle feed there and feed the cows with your own hand there. This will surely help you. Moreover by doing so you are earning good karmas and as per law of karmas good deeds always pay back . This will give you inner peace and happiness too. 
  • Neat and clean homes attract positive energy and prosperity . So, its always an good idea to get rid of items you don't use or need regularly. Don't make your home an junkyard. Too much junk attracts negativity and bad energy.

Disclosure :- Most of these remedies have worked for people whom we recommended these and even if these won't , you have nothing to loose . Though we can't guarantee that these will surely work for you , yet we will say that no harm in trying these. Above mentioned remedies will work if you will do these daily as routine. Any question in mind, you can email us :

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