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Sloka Bhagavad Gita Kinchitha Theerthaa with meaning

Jul 09 2017 Tags: Ganga, Gita, Krishna, sanskrit, Sloka

Sloka Bhagavad Gita Kinchitha Theerthaa is taken from "Bhaja Govindam" composed by Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya. Sloka Bhagavad Gita Kinchitha Theerthaa means, "If one reads a little bit of the Bhagavad Gita, drinks a drop of water from Ganga, and if he worships Krishna even for a small moment, he won't have any tiffs with Yama", the lord of death. भगवद् गीता किञ्चिदधीता गङ्गा जललव कणिकापीता ।सकृदपि येन मुरारि समर्चा क्रियते तस्य यमेन न चर्चा ॥ Bhagavad Gita Kinchitha Theerthaa Gangaa Jalalapi Kanikaa PeethaSakruthapi Yaena Muraari Samarchaa Kriyathe Thasya Yamenana Charcha If a person reads a little from Bhagavad Geeta, Drinks a sip of water from Ganges....

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Shri Ganga Chalisa ( श्री गंगा चालीसा )

May 09 2017 Tags: Chalisa, Ganga

Ganga / Ganges is considered as the most sacred river of the Hindu Mythology and is worshipped as a goddess. River Ganga is unique in itself with its mind blowing length and width. Many other rivers of the world exceed Ganga on these aspects but none of them can match the reverence and affection that is shown to Ganga by the hindu's and the world.  According to the Puranas (Holy Scriptures of Hindus), the sight, the name and the touch of Ganga takes away all sins. As per Hindu thoughts, bathing in the river on special occasions causes remission of...

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Shri Ganga Stotram in Sanskrit ( श्री गंगा स्तोत्रं )

Apr 15 2017 Tags: Ganga, sanskrit, stotram

Shri Ganga Stotram was composed by Sri Adi Shankaracharya. To Hindus Ganga is not merely a river, She is goddess, She is our mother. According to the Puranas (Holy Scriptures of Hindus), the sight, the name and the touch of Ganga takes away all sins. Ganga has been considered a sacred river since the Vedic age. Though the first Veda – the Rig Veda scarcely mentioned Ganga and considered Saraswati and Indus as holiest of all rivers, the later three Vedas – the Yajur, Sam and Atharva Vedas heavily mention Ganga as a scared river.  As per Hindu thoughts, bathing in the river...

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Story of Maa Ganga

Jul 02 2016 Tags: Ganga, mythology, stories

The source of Ganga is at Gaumukh (the shape of the ice formation is like a cow's mouth), where the mighty river emerges from the depths of Gangotri glacier. The Gangotri glacier is situated at the height of 4255 m above sea level and is approx 24 km in length and 7-8 km in width. Here the river is known as Bhagirathi after  King -Bhagirath. Rising in the icy caves of Gangotri glacier, the gushing , tossing and gurgling Bhagirathi starts its long journey downwards where later it joins river 'Alaknanda' and becomes Ganga.There are many legends associated with river Ganga, some of which...

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