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Reference of Rudraksha in ancients texts

Jul 15 2016 Tags: Purana, rudraksha, stories

Bhagwat Puran Rudraksha subsist by the tear of lord Siva. According to the religious text Devi Bhagwat Puran there was a Demon known as Maya who was very strong and had divine energy and power. Due to these qualities he became proud and started to trouble deities and sages. No one was able to defeat this strong demon in war. He built three towns of three different metals. Towns were built by gold, silver and iron. These towns were non-destroyable and known as Tripur. After ruling these towns by him and his two brothers he was known as Tripurasur. He...

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Rudraksha Pooja

Jul 15 2016 Tags: energization, mantra, puja, rudraksha

  Many buyers have asked us questions that how we do shudhikaran (energisation)/pooja of rudraksha beads? We thought it would be a good idea if we give these details on our website itself.Please read the details given below on how pooja is performed step by step.The following pooja is performed prior to wearing any Rudraksha bead/mala:- The Rudraksha should be immersed in oil overnight. Then they are washed with Panchamrit (mixture of raw milk(unboiled), honey, curd, desi ghee & ganga jal), while chanting Shiva Mantra"Om Namah Shivaye" Then the Rudraksha are washed with pure water(ganga jal) chanting the Sadyojaat Mantra...

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Rudraksha and Nakshatra

Jul 02 2016 Tags: rudraksha

Rudrakshas give several beneficial effects to the wearer and at the same time do not have any negative effects. Hence anyone can wear any Rudraksha. No combination is bad while wearing rudraksha,all combinations are good as rudrakshas don't have any negative effects.Many astrologers have also worked on Rudraksha. They suggest 'Mukhi' based on Birth Rashi and Nakshatra. However one could wear according to the needs / desires to be fulfilled. Some astrologers suggest to wear Rudraksha according to ruling planet as under:- Rudraksha and Nakshatra Sr.No. Birth Nakshatra Ruling Planet Recommended Rudraksha 1. Kritika Sun One/Twelve/Eleven Mukhis 2. Uttaraphalguni Sun...

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Rudraksha Therapy

Jun 17 2016 Tags: rudraksha, Therapy

The ancient rudraksha beads are now gaining importance in the present day as the healing properties of rudraksha are being identified for various physical and mental problems. Rudraksha beads (botanical name: Eleao Carpus Granitrus) are the dried fruits of the rudraksha tree mainly found in Nepal/India .Rudraksha beads brings one to the alpha state in the body of the user.Ancient vedas style of using rudraksha for different diseases and even Modern science has shown that the electromagnetic nature of rudraksha beads affect our neurophysiology in a specific manner that allows control of heart beat, blood pressure, stress levels, hypertension and...

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Birth Lagna and Rudraksha

Jun 16 2016 Tags: rudraksha

The Lagna is the time derivative of the position of the Sun.   It represents the soul and body of the individual to whom the Horoscope pertains. Lagna is the base house, from which all the other 11 houses in a horoscope are assessed.    The Lord Graha of the Lagna is the Lagnathipathi.  If the Lagnathipathi is well positioned, strong enough and aspected by Subh Graha like Guru, Shukra, Budh then the individual will have a healthy long life. It will also render a good social standing for the individual. The Lagna is the first house in a horoscope. All other...

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Rudraksha Frequently Asked questions

Jun 16 2016 Tags: rudraksha

1. What is Rudraksha ? Rudraksha is one of the rarest holy beads representing Lord Shiva. These are grown naturally on trees in Himalayan region of  Nepal, Indonesia and India. 2. Why Rudraksha is Important? Human life is full of burdens. Starting from birth and till death, man is attached to some form of religious practice to find some form of release from their burden. So Rudraksha is one of the holiest bead that links the man directly to god (Lord Shiva). Specifically it is to change man Spiritually and Physically. Rudraksha also plays an important role and has major...

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