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Set of ten small Vishnu Lakshmi idols for gifting purpose

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Goddess lakshmi is the wife of Sri Vishnu. Sri Vishnu belongs to the trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh or Shiva. Brahma creates everything in this universe, Vishnu preserves or sustains it, and Shiv ultimately destroys it. This is the cycle of nature and the rule or law of this universe. Goddess Lakshmi helps and is needed in every aspect Of Lord Vishnu's duty to preserve this world. She remains steadfast at her husband's side and never leaves him. Together they are also known as Lakshmi Narayana.

Details about idol :-

  • The idols have been made in high quality metal with gold plating
  • Size - 7 cms (approx.)
  • Weight - 30 grams per idol
  • Total number of idols in box - 10
  • The mentioned price is for 1 box ie 10 idols