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ॐ Welcome to Devshoppe, Worldwide Delivery , Paypal accepted , 100% Authentic Products

Swayambhu Swetark Ganpati ( Aakda Ganesha) - Naturally formed Swetark Ganpati

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Swayambhu means "self-manifested" or "that which is created by its own accord".

Swayambhu Shwetark Ganapati ~ Lord ganesh is a unique, supreme powerful God in this universe . He has the head of elephant and possess immense power of all siddhis and remover of obstacles.

Among Indian plants, safed Madar is a special plant. Though it is poisonous it is full of mystic and medicinal qualities. In Ayurveda, it is described as a life-giving plant. The root in the form of Ganesha is removed after a very rigorous ritual which lasts for 48 days on a auspicious day.Only the plant which is very old is lucky to get the form of ganapati in the root. These are called "Swayambhu Ganapati" and are considered very powerful. If one is lucky to get hands on this "Swayambhu Ganesha", all the misfortunes come to an end. The two companions Health and Wealth will reside in their house and the ill effects of black magic, obstacles are removed.
It is a sacred talisman and because of it naturalness it give immense wealth and money, it maintains harmony in married life and blesses with a good progeny. Amazing improvements will happen in business and professional life. If children pray in front of the ganapati, they will be blessed with memory power, concentration, and success in exams. Swayambhu Ganapati’s presence in house will get rid of poverty and removes obstacles and illness from home and office.

One of the ways to identify the sacred white ark plant which has the Swayambhu Ganesha is that after many years the flowers that fall off from the plant will have an affinity to fall towards the root of the plant. Spiritually inclined persons and devout ones will experience bliss if they come near such a plant. The plant will have a natural attraction tendency to grant peace of mind to people who come near the plant.

The plant is worshipped for 48 days and on an auspicious nakshatra (start) in the midnight the plant’s holy root is taken out and we need not do any pranaprathista for the swayambhu ganesha as this a living Ganesha full of divine energy.

Only the lucky one will get this Ganesha as the Ganesha will choose the hose to where it needs to go and live. Such a person will surely be a blessed person. The Ganesha should be taken to the house on a full moon day to get the full benefit and this will make him an emperor on earth. All his/her will be fulfilled and he will become a very respectable individual person in the society. Whatever he touches will become good and he will be the king among men.

If this is kept in a red cloth with three grains of rice and two silver coins wrapped in the kubera corner of a house, all the vaasthu doshas are also removed.
This Naturally formed Swayambhu Swetark Ganpati is very very rare and the delivery will take around 30 days from the date of confirmed payments.

*Please Note that the image shown in listing is for reference purpose only and we don't have the item in ready stock. Once we will recieve the payments, we will source the same through our reliable sources. The delivery may take around 30 days.

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