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Sri Narasimha (Narsingh) yantra on copper plate

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Sri Narasimha Yantra is a Deity Specific and is usually worshipped by the Devotees of Lord Narasimha , an incarnation of Sri Vishnu. Sri Narasimha yantrais a Vaishnava Yantra. Sri Narasimha is one of the Das avataras of the Lord Vishnu. Sri Narsimha is known as the man lion. Sri Vishnu took the form of Narasimha to annihilate the demon Hiranyakashipu who was tormenting the gods. Sri Narasimha symbolizes the victory of Dharma over adharma or good over evil. For His devotees Lord Narasimha is the supreme protector against all evils and misfortunes. Lord Narasimha figures prominently in numerous ancient scriptures including the Vedas, Puranas and even Mahabharata. Lord Narasimha is worshipped in His various forms such as Ugra Narasimha, Krodha Narasimha, Malola Narasimha, Jwala Narasimha, Varaha Narasimha, Bhargava Narasimha, Karanja Narasimha, Yoga Narasimha and Lakshmi Narasimha.

Sri Narasimha-Yantra is the ideal protective yantra, which protects from the negative planetary influences and and various disturbing influences.

Sri Narasimha yantra also works on all kinds of subtle disturbances which are caused by ghosts or negative beings. Also disturbances that come from the elements air and water get decreased. Generally its effect is balancing, neutralizing, protective and strengthening.

Mantra for Sri Narasimha yantra:-

ॐ श्री नरसिंहाय नमः ॥

Aum śrī Narasiṁhāya namaḥ ||

Details of Sri Narasimha yantra:-

  • Metal - Copper
  • Size - 3 inches x 3inches
  • Weight - 30 grams
  • Benefits - Blessings of Sri Narasimha

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