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Remedy for Saturn

Remedy for Saturn

til seeds

As per classics “sesame” popularly known as “Til” in northern region of India . It was produced from the body of sage Kashyap. It is believe that if a person offer it to God,Pittras or Brahmin he would be free from the ill effect of malefic planets. Offerings can be made in the form of Snaan,Daan,Tarpan,Havan or Food. As per mythology Saturn belongs to Kashyap Gotram.So sesame is considered as the best remedy for pacification of Shani. One should light a lamp of sesame oil in the evening. This process is called “Deep daan”. During Makar sakranti in the month of January when the sun enters the Capricorn(the zodiac sign of Saturn who is a son of Sun god), it is very auspicious to offer sesame to fire god at night. People distributes jaggery(Gud) with sesame(til) on this day. It is a symbolic representation of Sun and Saturn respectively.

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