Sloka Vande Bodhmayam Nityam Gurum Shankar rupinam with meaning

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Vande Bodhmayam Nityam Gurum Shankar rupinam ,Yamaashrito hi vakropi chandrah sarvatra vandhyatey is a chaupai taken from Shri Ramcharitmanas. A Shiv shishya or Shiv shisya is a disciple of Lord Shiva who worships Shiva as their Guru teacher, in the Hindu religion. It is mentioned in various texts of Hindus that Lord Shiva works as teacher.

 Sloka Vande Bodhmayam Nityam Gurum Shankar rupinam

वन्दे बोधमयं नित्यं गुरुं शंकररूपिणम्‌।
यमाश्रितो हि वक्रोऽपि चन्द्रः सर्वत्र वन्द्यते॥

Vande Bodhmayam Nityam Gurum Shankar rupinam
Yamaashrito hi vakropi chandrah sarvatra vandhyatey॥
ज्ञानमय, नित्य, शंकर रूपी गुरु की मैं वन्दना करता हूँ, जिनके आश्रित होने से ही टेढ़ा चन्द्रमा भी सर्वत्र वन्दित होता है॥

I worship Lord Shankar, the eternal preceptor, who is all wisdom, and resting on whose forehead, the crescent moon, though crooked in shape, is universally worshipped.



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