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Jun 16 2016 Tags: Shiva, Trishul

  Trishula means “trident.” The Trishula (or, trisula) is the three-pronged sacred weapon of the Hindu deity Shiva. In a general sense, the trishula represents the deity in his three aspects of Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer. The trihsula (also spelled trishul or trisula, Sanskrit for "three spear") is a trident spear that is the emblem of the god Shiva. The weapon symbolizes empire and the irresistible force of transcendental reality. Trishul symbolizes three fundamental powers or shakti of iccha, kriya and jnana – will, action and knowledge. Through progressive expansion of three shaktis, the Unmanifest impinges into universal experience. The fearsome goddess Durga also brandishes a trishula in one...

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Jun 15 2016 Tags: Ashtakam, mantra, Rudra, shiv, Shiva, Shivlinga, Shivratri

Shivashtakam प्रभुं प्राणनाथं विभुं विश्वनाथं जगन्नाथ नाथं सदानन्द भाजाम् ।भवद्भव्य भूतॆश्वरं भूतनाथं, शिवं शङ्करं शम्भु मीशानमीडॆ prabhuṃ prāṇanāthaṃ vibhuṃ viśvanāthaṃ jagannātha nāthaṃ sadānanda bhājām |bhavadbhavya bhūteśvaraṃ bhūtanāthaṃ, śivaṃ śaṅkaraṃ śambhu mīśānamīḍe I pray You, Siva, Sankara, Sambhu, Who is the Lord, Who is the Lord of our lives, Who is Vibhu, Who is the Lord of the world, Who is the Lord of Vishnu (Jagannatha), Who is always dwelling in happiness, Who imparts light or shine to everything, Who is the Lord of living beings, Who is the Lord of ghosts, and Who is the Lord of everyone. ||1||गलॆ रुण्डमालं...

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