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Yantras for Protection

Yantras for Protection

Below given is list of Various yantras used for Protection from Diseases , Ailments, Court cases, Tantra attacks , Evil eye , Ghosts and Spirits. Yantras are tools to help one get out of miserable situations in life. Yantras are diagrams , energy channels that can help you think better , work better and directly or indirectly helping you come out of miseries by improving mental state of mind. One can use these as alternative helping tools.

yantra for protection

Protection from Diseases

  1. Maha Mrityunjaya yantra
  2. Sri Rog nivaran yantra
  3. Sri Dhanavantri yantra

Protection from Tantra attacks and Evil eye

  1. Sri Bhairav yantra
  2. Sri Durga yantra
  3. Sri Dus Mahavidya yantra
  4. Sri Hanuman yantra
  5. Sri Ram Raksha yantra
  6. Sri Narsingh yantra
  7. Sri Nav Durga yantra
  8. Sri Pratyangira yantra
  9. Sarv Vijayi yantra
  10. Sri Shiva yantra
  11. Sri Sudarshan yantra
  12. Sri Vishnu yantra
  13. Sri Yoni mandal yantra
  14. Sri Raksha kavach

Protection from Accidents and mishaps

  1. Sri Vahan durghatna nashak yantra

Protection from Court cases and Enemies

  1. Sri Baglamukhi yantra
  2. Sri Mukadma Vijayi yantra

Protection from Ghosts , Spirits

  1. Sri Bhoot Pret yantra
  2. Sri Raksha Kavach yantra 
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