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Sri Shani grah sadhana yantra

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Shri Shani Yantra is used to please distress Saturn and to attain success by the blessings of Shani dev. When Shani is harmful in your birth chart during the Dasa or transit of Sade Sati, the use of Shani Yantra will prove extremely beneficial. It can bring success in worldly matters, success in business and helps you to achieve success.If you want to know how to get relief from Shani Sade sati, then buy Shani Sadhna Yantra and get the Shani Sade Sati remedies. Saturn Yantra is devoted to God Shani .Worshiping Sri Shani grah sadhana Yantra will decrease the bad-effects of unfavorable Saturn and will get all the blessing of Lord Saturn, which will beautify his or her life with divine brilliancy.

Mantra to be chanted :-

ऊँ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं सः शनये नमः।
Om pram prim praum sah shanaye namah

Details of Sri Shani grah sadhana yantra

  • Height - 6 cm
  • Width - 8 cm
  • Weight - 222 g
  • Made up from wood and glass
  • Stand of yantra is made up of brass
  • Comes in attractive box packing