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Brass Goddess Chamunda idol

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Chamunda mata or Rann-chandi ( warrior goddess ) is the goddess of power and another form of Durga. Her illusion is twin like as she is also called Chandi-Chamunda. The fierce mother goddess has big eyes dressed in red and green adorned with garlands of flowers and in front of her is vehicle the Lion. Her temple is very famous in Gujrat on the mountain named Chotila.

Two Demons named 'Chanda' and 'Munda' did great penance for many years to please Lord Brahma. When Brahma was pleased he appeared in front of them and the demons asked for being very strong warriors and that they would rule the world and take over heaven. Lord Brahma was merciful so he granted the wish.

There was big chaos in the world and the demons became very greedy and attempted to take over heaven as well as the three abodes of Vishnu (Vaikunta), Shiva (Kailas) and Brahma (Brahmalok ).The three gods went to the mother goddess Parvati who took the form of Chandi and Chamunda who slayed Chand and mund.

Details of Idol :-

  • Metal-> Brass
  • Weight-> 1304 gms (1 kgs,304 gms)
  • Height-> 6.5"(16.5 cms/165 mm)
  • Base Length - > 4.5" (11.5 cms / 115 mm)
  • Benefits-> Blessings of Goddess Chandi and Goddess Chamunda