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Sampurn Karz mukti Mahayantra

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Sri Sidh Sampurn Karz mukti yantra is excellent yantra to get rid of debts. Sri Sidh Sampurn Karz mukti yantra is very effective in Removing the Debt and Loan problems of an individual.Sri Sidh Sampurn Karz mukti yantra also brings and creates extra sources of income to recover ones Debts . Sri Sidh Sampurn Karz mukti yantra is a unique yantra which has a combination of Sixteen very powerful yantras used for this purpose. The yantras are as following :-

  • Sri Rin harta Ganesha yantra
  • Sri Rin mochak Mangal yantra
  • Sri Swarnakarshan Bhairav yantra
  • Sri Dhan Dhanya Vridhi yantra
  • Sri Sriyantra Sri Karz mukti yantra
  • Sri Karz mukti gopal yantra
  • Sri Seeghra Greh sukh Prapti yantra
  • Sri Bhagyavardhak Swastik yantra
  • Sri upyogi Karz mukti yantra
  • Sri Lakshmi Vishank yantra
  • Sri Samridhi Pradayak yantra
  • Sri Mahalakshmi sarvatobhadra yantra
  • Sri Dhan Dayak Kuber yantra
  • Sri Mandan Bisa yantra
  • Sri Samridhi dayak Mahalakshmi Bisa yantra

Sri Sidh Sampurn Karz mukti yantra should be installed in any auspicious mahurata on any Wednesday. After installing the yantra one should feed a cow with grass .

This should be done regularly for 3 months.

Size of yantra is 12" x 14"

Weight of yantra varies from 650-700 gms(approx.)

Made on Brass sheet and has been hand painted

Note : All Above mentioned Descriptions are according to Indian & Chinese Mythology or as per Metaphysical properties of Crystal stones. Seller takes no Responsibility whatsoever for any claim made in the Descriptions. Please don't stop your regular medical treatment. Please use these products as Alternative therapy only. 

All items sold as religious curio only.