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Bulls eye (Bullseye) Agate Bracelet to remove fear

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A truly beautiful and interesting agate, Bulls Eye Agate gets its name from the large and distinctive eye patterns. Similar to in markings to Botswana Agate, but with starker colors, i.e., more black and white. Mystical Properties:Bulls Eye Agate is found in the Badlands of South Dakota and was considered a vision quest stone by the native Indians of the area. It was sometimes given as a wedding gift, in the hope the children of the union would provide the tribe's next seer.

The Eye variety of Agates has long been thought to ward off the evil-eye or curses.

Thought to vibrate with the 1st Chakra governing the survival instinct, fear and all eliminations. It is therefore thought to improve one's chances for survival in dangerous situations.

Regarding Agates in general, according to Edgar Cayce, one of the most famous Psychics of our day, agate is "an incense to the finer self that makes for an awakening, an opening of the inner self for the receptiveness. An attunement is made through such vibrations."

Agates have long been thought magical, curing everything from thirst, the evil-eye, the bites of scorpions (Sicilian Agate), insomnia, bad dreams, intestinal troubles, skin diseases, and increase fertility (green varieties). Bishop Marbodus of Rennes in the 12th Century said Agates make their possessors more eloquent, prudent and amiable. Ancient Moslems believed powdered agate drank in water, would cure insanity. Western Astrology associates Agate with the Moon and Cancer.

Considered a Gem of Autumn it is said to be lucky for those born in the 4th hour of the morning.

Agates are the traditional gift of the 12th Wedding Anniversary.

Healing Properties: Elimination problems, constipation, excessive fear.

Scientific Properties: A nice, hard gemstone, Bulls Eye Agate is composed of Chalcedony (extremely finely crystalline quartz--called "cryptocrystalline"). with various impurities.

Quality of beads is Superfine

Shape of Bracelet - As shown in image

Bracelet has been made in Stretch elastic.

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