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Aum (Om) mantra written wooden bracelet in stretch elastic

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This is beautiful Aum (Om) mantra written wooden bracelet in stretch elastic. AUM is a syllable that has a special significance and a creative power. AUM is the Mother of all mantras. When we chant AUM, what actually happens is that we bring down peace and light from above and create a universal harmony within and without us. When we repeat AUM, both our inner and outer beings become inspired and surcharged with a divine feeling and aspiration. AUM has no equal. AUM has infinite power. Just by repeating AUM, we can realize God.

‘Aum’ is the origin of life. It is the sound which governs the cosmos and the movements of the planets. The ancient civilizations were able to detect the power of ‘Aum’ and use it to build advanced empires such as the Dravidian and the Egyptian civilizations.NASA scientists have recorded vibrations and sounds in the cosmos which some tentatively relate to the sound ‘Aum’. But science has a long way to go when it comes to decipher Nature’s codes.

Aum symbol is known to provide protection and power to wearer. This beautiful wooden Aum bracelet has been made in stretch elastic and fits all wrists.