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Lord Vishnu's preserving, protecting powers have been manifested to the world in a variety of forms, called Avatars, in which one or more of his divine attributes were embodied in the shape of a human being or an animal or a human-animal combined form, possessing great and sometimes supernatural powers. All these Avatars of Vishnu appeared in the world either to correct some great evil or to effect some great good on earth. These avatars are ten in number.Of the ten universally recognized avatars, nine have already manifested whereas the tenth is yet to appear. Details of Brass Vishnu Avatara Conch:- Weight :- 2250 gms ( 2 kgs , 250 gms ) Height :- 9.0 " ( 22.9 cms / 229 mm ) * Please Note that this Conch can't be Blown , Its made up of Brass and just for Religious, Collector or Artistic use only.