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Feng Shui Evil Eye Tree for good luck and Prosperity - Blue colored

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Evil Eye Turkish Flower Tree Feng Shui Protector Charm as Gift of Good Luck & Protection

Trees, the mystical magic of trees. Beauty, Strength, Wisdom, Eternal Life, these are a few symbolic meanings of trees"The symbol of the tree, combined with the Turkish Eye, gives this object an intense power of Protection to the home. In many cultures, evil eyes are believed to carry magical powers to protect you and bring you luck. This tree is made with glass & resin. Tree branches are adjustable so that you can arrange your own flowers. Ward off the evil looks and gazes that accompany you in day-to-day world by placing this beautiful Evil Eyes Tree in your home or office and letting the good vibes take over.

Approx. height 5.5 inches

Color of flowers - Blue