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Lime Basil Herb , Pack of 20 Seeds

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This listing is for 20 seeds of Lime Basil

Compact, mounding plants bring zesty fragrance to containers! Peppy lime flavour imparts a savoury snap to gourmet meals!

If you like the clean, citrus zing of Lemon Basil, then you'll definitely want to try this rare and hard-to-find Lime Basil! Its tangy lime flavour and fragrance is strong and finishes with a pleasing spicy-herbal bite. Use it to impart a unique gourmet flavour to fish and chicken dishes, vinegars, dressings, sauces, and herb oils. Add it to fruit salsas or chutneys as a fresh accompaniment to broiled or grilled fish or shellfish, or use it in traditional Thai dishes when Lemon grass or Kaffir Lime isn't readily available. You'll be amazed by the complex flavour it lends to desserts and herbal teas!