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Lotus feet of Sri Krishna Gomukhi japa mala bag - Green

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This is very high quality Lotus feet of Sri Krishna Gomukhi / Gaumukhi japa mala bag to keep japa malas

Product details :-

A 'gomukhi' is a special cover made in the shape of a cow's mouth. It is mentioned in our ancient texts that while chanting mantras on a rosary it should always be kept inside the gomukhi bag. Gomukhi mala bags are used to protect malas from dust, dirty hands,insects etc. These bags are used to keep malas during mantra chanting,meditation and even when these are not in use.

If you do long periods of japa practice every day, then the use of a gomukhi is highly recommended. The word gomukhi means 'in the shape of a cow's mouth'. It is a small bag which resembles the shape of a cow's mouth. The mala and your right hand are both placed inside the gomukhi so that they are obscured from view. With your hand in the bag, you then begin to rotate the mala, the bottom of which is supported by the bottom of the bag.

A gomukhi is very light, doesn't interfere with the practice of japa and prevents other people interfering or becoming curious about your practice. It can be used when you walk along a street or when you leave your house. It is widely used by those who do anusthana (sustained practice for long, fixed periods of time), perhaps 50,000 to 60,000 beads per day. For them it is almost a must.

This gomukhi bag is made of very high quality cotton cloth and has the image of Lord Jagannath embroidered on it manually . On the back side of japa mala bag ' Hare Krishna - Hare Rama' sacred mantra is embroidered.

Product Code - GM25

Size of bag - 27 cms x 13.5 cms

Colour of bag - Green

This is not a cheap quality Gomukhi japa mala bag , this is very high quality japa mala bag and making a single bag takes around 4 hours for skilled labour.

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