56 sacred items of Chhapan Bhog Mahaprasadam

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Chappan Bhog means 56 varieties of food offered to Lord Jagannath in Puri. According to ” Skanda Purana” Lord Jagannath redeems the devotees by permitting them to partake his Mahaprasad, to have His darshan and to worship him by observing rituals and by offering of gifts .Mahaprasad is treated here as ‘Anna Brahma’. The temple kitchen has got the capacity to cook for a lakh of devotees on a day. Mahaprasad is cooked only in earthen pots and medium of food is fire wood only. The steam-cooked food is offered to Lord Jagannath first and then to Goddess Vimala after which it becomes Mahaprasad. This Mahaprasad is freely taken by people of all castes and creeds without any discrimination. When the steam cooked food is carried to Lord in slings of earthen pots no flavor comes up from the food but when the same is carried back to the sale point after being offered to the Lord a delicious smell spells along in the breeze to the pleasant surprise of the devotees. Now the food is blessed.

56 bhog

Chhapan Bhog- (56 sacred items of Jagannath Temple, Puri)

  1. Ukhuda ( Sugar coated pup rice)
  2. Nadia kora (Coconut ladu) 
  3. Khua (condensed milk) 
  4. Dahi (Yoghurt) 
  5. Pachila kadali (Ripe Banana) 
  6. Kanika (Flavoured Rice) 
  7. Tata Khechudi (Dry Khechudi) 
  8. Mendha Mundia (A kind of cake) 
  9. Bada Kanti (Fried Cake) 
  10. Matha Puli (A kind of Pan cake) 
  11. Hamsa Keli (Sweet cake) 
  12. Jhili ( Thin pan cake like Dosa) 
  13. Enduri ( Idli) 
  14. Adapachedi (Ginger Paste) 
  15. Saga Bhaja (Fried leafy vegetables) 
  16. Kadali Bhaja (Fried Plantain) 
  17. Maric Ladu (Chilli Ladu) 
  18. San Pitha ( Small size Cake) 
  19. Bara (Donalds) 
  20. Arisha (Sweet fried cake made of rice flour) 
  21. Bundia (Sweet granules made of gram flour) 
  22. Pakhal (Water rice) 
  23. Khiri (Milk Rice) 
  24. Kadamba (A kind of sweet) 
  25. Pat Manohar (Name of a sweet) 
  26. Takuaa (Sweets shaped like tongue) 
  27. Bhaga Pitha (A kind of cake ) 
  28. Gotai (A kind of salty cake) 
  29. Dalma (Dal with vegetables) 
  30. Bada Kakara (Large Fried sweet cake) 
  31. Luni Khuruma (Salty Biscuits) 
  32. Amalu ( Malpua, Sweet Puri) 
  33. Suar Pitha (Poda Pitha, Baked Cake) 
  34. Biri Buha (Black gram cake ) 
  35. Jhadai Nadaa (Small ball shaped cakes) 
  36. Khasta Puri (Strong fried cakes) 
  37. Kadali Bara (Fried Plantain) 
  38. Sana Arisha (Small fried cakes) 
  39. Sakar (Chatni) 
  40. Podo Pitha (Panned Cake) 
  41. Kanji (Sour Rice) 
  42. Dahi Pakhal (Curd rice ) 
  43. Bada Arisha (Large size Fried cake) 
  44. Tipuri (Three stage fillings) 
  45. Sakara (Sugar candy) 
  46. Suji Khir (Milk with samolina) 
  47. Muga Sijha (Boiled green gram) 
  48. Manohar (A kind of sweet) 
  49. Magaja Ladu (A kind of sweet) 
  50. Pana (Sweet Drink) 
  51. Anna (Rice) 
  52. Ghia Anna (Ghee rice) 
  53. Dali (Sweet Dal)
  54. Besar (Curry) 
  55. Mahur (Veg. curry with mustard seeds)
  56. Sag (Leafy vegetables)

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