Ashta Siddhis possed by Sri Hanuman (Anjaneya)

Jun 30 2016 Tags: Anjaneya, Hanuman


While reciting “Hanuman chalisa” , we come across the word “Ashta-sidhi” . It is believed that Sri Hanuman also known as Anjaneya is a possessor of 8 kinds of sidhis. Literal meaning of the word “sidhi” is “precision”. In Hinduism this word is used for depicting the meaning “ Attainment of heighest peak in spirituality”. It refers to spiritual paranormal powers. It is of 8 kinds as follows-

  1. Anima: Paranormal power to reduce one's body even to infinitely small.
  2. Mahima: power to expand one's body to an infinitely large.
  3. Garima: power to become infinitely heavy.
  4. Laghima: power of becoming weightless.
  5. Prapti: ability to move anywhere without restriction.
  6. Prakamya: power to know the desires of other.
  7. Isitva: powers of having complete lordship
  8. Vasitva: the power to conquer all.

All the above superpowers are possessed by Sri Hanuman (Anjaneya). Even in astrology when a person is under the malefic influence of Shani or its Sade-saati, the recitation of “Hanuman chalisa” works as a best remedy. The reason is simple. Being a possessor of 8 sidhis Anjaneya is the God who is capable of warding off all evils.

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