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Rajasthani folk musical Hand Percussion (Drum) instrument - Deru

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The folk musical instrument "DERU" is a hourglass wooden shaped membranophonic instrument made by mango wood. Mounted with the thin parchment of skin on both sides of the frame with a rope. While playing one hand strikes with the stick, the other manipulates tension of the skins with the string. Mostly it is used by Jogies with Goga epic singing in Rajasthan.

Classical Indian hand percussion deru is well known folk instrument for drumming in Western & Southern states in India. Deru is an hour glass shaped drum, which is the larger version of the Damru or Damroo, but is typically played with the bare hand rather than damru. A Deru player adjusts the pitch of the instrument by adjusting the pressure that is applied to these strings. Two chords are knotted at the end and attached to the middle of the Deru. When the Deru is vigorously swayed from side to side the knots hit the drum heads and produce sound. This percussion instrument is very peculiar to the regions of Rajasthan. The Deru produces rhythmic beats in tune with the musical performance. The Deru is a common accompaniment to ritual chants and is also used in the performance of popular folk songs.

Details of Deru :-

  • Height - 7 inch
  • Diameter - 7.5 inch
  • Weight - 600 grams

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