Bhairabsthan Temple , Nepal

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Kaal Bhairab Temple, Bhairabsthan , Palpa , Nepal.

Kal Bhairab Temple (Bhairabsthan) is one of the biggest hindu temple of lord Kal Bhairab (Bhairav) . It is located about 8 KM from Tansen, district headquarter in between Tansen Tamghas road on the hill of Bhairabsthan VDC, in the mid western part of Palpa District, Nepal. This temple was build by Pratam Samser Rana. This temple has the biggest trident (trishul) of asia.

Bhairabsthan , Palpa , Nepal

The main statue of Lord Bhairab is kept hidden because it's sight is unbearable and frightening. There's a copy of the main statue which people can see and worship. The myth says that, whosoever catch a glimpse of the main statue are in danger of loosing their life. The priest (aka Jogi) also worship the statue from behind the curtain. These in also the Mai goddess temple in the same facility.

The main days for worshiping this temple is Tuesdays and Saturdays. Beside that many pilgrims come to visit this temple in the month of Mangsir (Nov-Dec). The busiest day of the temple is on the day of Maha Ashtami of Navaratra.

The main parsad of this temple is "Rot", which is made up of wheat flour. "Rot" is a secret rice bread that can be eaten after it has been worshiped in the temple. Animal sacrifice is also done in this temple. Goat , Rooster, and male Buffalow are the animals sacrificed in this temple. Different kind of animal sacrifice called "Pancha Bali" (five animal sacrifice is also done in this temple.)

Literally Pancha Bali Means Sacrifice of five kinds of animals, buffalo, goat, sheep, hen and duck. Only the males of these animals can be sacrificed in the shrines of gods and goddesses. After the fulfillment of the wish, a day is fixed for Pancha Bali, according to lunar calendar. Generally the eight-day of the new moon or full moon day is preferred.

To offer Pancha Bali people go to the temple from their house in processions. A music band called Pancha Baja of local musicians heads the procession. At the temple the god or goddess is worshipped ceremoniously and the animals and bird are sacrificed one by one. Generally the buffalo is given to the members of the musical band.

Since the temple is on the top of the hill, you can see the beautiful range of Mt. Machhapuchhre, Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Dhaulagiri.


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