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Jai Kamdhenu Gau mata - Gaumata aarti in hindi

Jai Kamdhenu Gau mata - Gaumata aarti in hindi

Kamdhenu is the sacred cow of the Hindus. According to Hindu mythology Kamdhenu emerged from the ocean during the great Samudra Manthan and was given to the Saptarishis. Another Hindu belief is that Brahma created Kamdhenu to provide milk to rishis and ghee for them to perform in their havans. Kamdhenu is the mother of all cows and the fulfiller of all wishes and desires. It is believed that if a child born with inauspicious stars is passed under a cow then the effects of these stars will be negated. Kamdhenu is known by various other names also prominent amongst them are Surabhi, Aditi, Matrika, Nanda, Kapila etc. It is the belief in Hindu mythology that there are many deities residing in Kamdhenu. She is regarded as Devi by the Hindus, as the mother providing prosperity to all her children. She is likened to mother Earth, is pure, fertile and of an ever sacrificing nature. Almost all the major gods and devas are said to reside in Kamdhenu. The four legs of Kamdhenu are supposed to be as strong as the Himalayas. The divine trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are symbolized by her horns, her eyes by the Sun and the Moon, her shoulders by Agni and Vayu. Not even Kamdhenu infact every cow is sacred in hinduism and worshipped as god.

Kamdhenu aarti

कामधेनु गौ माता आरती 

ॐ जय कामधेनु गौ माता, मैया जय जय गौ माता ।
तुमको हरदिन सेवत, हर देव गण त्राता ।। ॐ जय कामधेनु गौ माता.

नन्दा - सुभद्रा - सुरभि, सुशीला - बहुला जगमाता ।
सूर्य - चन्द्रमा - ध्यावत, सर्व देव गाता।। ॐ जय

कामधेनु गौ माता....
विश्व रूप तुम हो, सुख सम्पति दाता ।
जो कोइ तुमको पूजत, दुख दरिद्र नही आता ।। ॐ जय कामधेनु गौ माता....
तीनों लोक निवासिनी, अभय दान दाता ।
सर्व धर्म की मैया, पाप - ताप - हरता ।। ॐ जय कामधेनु गौ माता....
तुम जिस घर रहती हो, अन्न-धन्न आता ।
सब के आदर पाकर, गो भक्त बन जाता ।। ॐ जय कामधेनु गौ माता....
तुम बिन यज्ञ न होते, दविष्य न हो पाता ।
दूध दही गौलोवन, सब तुम से आता ।। ॐ जय कामधेनु गौ माता....
कामधेनु - तुम ही कहलाती, जग में ज्योत जलाती ।
खान - पान का वैभव, सब तुमसे आता ।। ॐ जय कामधेनु गौ माता....
गौ माता जी की आरती, जो कोर्इ नर गाता ।
उल्लास भरे ह्रदय से, सुख - आनंद पाता ।। ॐ जय कामधेनु गौ माता....
ॐ जय कामधेनु गौ माता ।।


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