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Sloka Udaye Savita rakto with meaning

Sloka Udaye Savita rakto with meaning

Udaye savita rakto raktashchastamaye tatha, sampattau cha vipattau cha mahatamekarupata is a famous sanskrit sloka which means that Like the Sun is same red during sunrise and sunset, Great people remain same in prosperity or adversity. Exact meaning of sloka is given below. 

Sloka Udaye Savita rakto with meaning

उदये सविता रक्तो रक्तश्चास्तमये तथा ।
सम्पत्तौ च विपत्तौ च महतामेकरूपता ॥

udayé savitā rakto raktashchāstamayé tathā |
sampattau cha vipattau cha mahatāmékarūpatā ||

Meaning :-

The sun looks alike while rising and setting. Great men too remain alike in both the good and bad times.

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Ram Dr - November 11, 2020

Great Sanskrit Quote
Udaye Sabita Raktah
Keeps Mankind
At Critical Moments
And Will Stops the Adverse Reactions

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