Sri Ganesha Ashtakam (श्री गणेश अष्टाकम) with meaning

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Sri Ganesha ashtakam is an octet meaning eight versus in glorification and praise of Lord Ganesha. Sri Ganesha Ashtakam is a powerful Hindu mantra of Lord Ganesha - the remover of obstacles in life.Those who sing Sri Ganesha Ashtakam with an ocean of devotion inside, having liberated from all their sins, go towards the Rudra-Loka. 

Ganesha Ashtakam

श्री गणेश अष्टाकम

Sri Ganesha ashtakam

एकदन्तं महाकायं तप्तकांचनसन्निभम् ।

लम्बॊदरं विशालाक्षं वन्दॆऽहं गणनायकम् ॥१॥

Ekadantam Mahaakaayam Taptakaajnchana sannibham

Lambodaram Vishaalaaxam Vande Ham Gananaayakam ॥1॥

Salutations to the God who is the leader of Ganas,Who has only one tusk, Who has a very big body, Who looks like molten gold,Who has a very big paunch, And has very broad eyes.

मौञ्जीकृष्णाजिनधरं नागयज्ञॊपवीतिनम् ।

बालॆन्दुविलसन्मौलिं वन्दॆऽहं गणनायकम् ॥२॥

Mounji Krishnajeenadharam NaagaYagnopaveethanam
Bhalendu Sakalam Moulim, Vande Ham Gananayakam ॥2॥

Salutations to the God who is the leader of Ganas, Who has a girdle made of munja grass and with deer's skin, Who wears serpent as sacred thread, And who wears infant moon on his head.

अंबिकाहृदयानन्दं मातृभिः परिपालितम् ।

भक्तप्रियं मदॊन्मत्तं वन्दॆऽहं गणनायकम् ॥३॥

Ambikaa hridayaanandam maathru bhi paripaalitam
Bhakta priyam madonmattam vandeham gana naayakam ॥3॥

Salutations to the God who is the leader of the ganas, Who makes the heart of Parvathi happy, Who is looked after by his mother, And who likes devotees and is exuberant with zest.

चित्ररत्नविचित्रांगम् चित्रमालाविभूषितम् ।

चित्ररूपधरम् दॆवम् वन्दॆऽहं गणनायकम् ॥४॥

Chitraratna Vichitragam Chitrmaalaa Vibhushitham
Kamarupadharam Devam, Vande Ham Gananayakam ॥4॥

The one who makes a picture perfect pose, who has a garland adorning around his neck and who takes the form of Kama Rupa (the form which is immensely attractive), I bow to you the leader of Ganas.

गजवक्त्रम् सुरश्रेष्ठम् कर्णचामरभूषितम् ।

पाशांकुशधरम् दॆवं वन्दॆऽहं गणनायकम् ॥५॥

Gajavaktam SuraSreshtam, Karnachamara Bhushitham
Pasamkusadharam Devam, Vande Ham Gananayakam ॥5॥

Salutations to the God who is the leader of ganas, Who is the great deva with the neck of am elephant, Who is ornamented by fan like ears, And who holds the rope and goad in his hands

मूषिकॊत्तममारुह्य दॆवासुरमहाहवॆ ।

यॊद्धुकामम् महावीर्यम् वन्दॆऽहम् गणनायकम् ॥६॥

Mushikootham maaruhya Devasura Mahaahavey
Yooddukamam Mahaaveeram, Vande Ham Gananayakam ॥6॥

Salutations to the God who is the leader of ganas, Who rides on the great mouse,Who is greatly worshipped by devas and asuras, Who is a desirable warrior with great valor.

यक्षकिन्नरगन्धर्व सिद्धविद्याधरैस्सदा ।

स्तूयमानं महात्मानं वन्दॆऽहं गणनायकम् ॥७॥

Yaksha Kinnera Gandharva, Siddi Vidhyadharay Sadha
Stutyamanam MahaaBhaahum, Vande Ham Gananayakam ॥7॥

Salutations to the God who is the leader of ganas, Who is great and to whom prayers are offered by, Yakshas, Kinnara, Gandharwas, Sidhas and Vidhyadharas.

सर्वविघ्नकरं दॆवं सर्वविघ्नविवर्जितम् ।

सर्वसिद्धिप्रदातारं वन्दॆऽहं गणनायकम् ॥८॥

SarvaVignaharam Devam SarvaVigna Vivarjetham
Sarvasiddi Pradhataaram, Vande Ham Gananayakam ॥8॥

Salutations to the God who is the leader of ganas, Who removes all types of obstacles, Who excludes all types of obstacles, And who blesses one with all achievements.

गणाष्टकमिदं पुण्यं भक्तितॊ यः पठॆन्नरः ।

विमुक्तस्सर्वपापॆभ्यॊ रुद्रलॊकं स गच्छति 

Gana ashtakam idham punyam bhakti kaya pathe narah
Vimukta sarva paapebhyo shuddhra loka sagachhatti

Those who sing this blissful octet on Ganesh, with an ocean of devotion inside, will be liberated from all their sins and go towards the Rudra-Loka

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