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Shri Brihaspati Stotram from Skanda Purana in Sanskrit

Aug 07 2020 Tags: Brihaspati, Guru, Jupiter, Navagraha, sanskrit, stotram

Shri Brihaspati also known as Brahmanaspati or Planet Jupiter is the guru of Devas and is praised in many hymns of Rig Veda. Shri Brihaspati is described of yellow or golden color and holding a stick, a lotus and his beads. Jupiter symbolizes knowledge, love and spirituality. The day of Jupiter is Thursday and gemstone is Sapphire. Dhanu Rashi and Meena Rashi are ruled by Brihaspati or planet Jupiter. According to Shiva Purana, Brihaspati is the son of Rishi Angirasa and Surupa. The consort of Lord Guru has 3 wives – Tara, Shuba and Mamata. Brihaspati is Lord of three nakshatras – Punarvasu...

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Shri Guru Paduka Panchakam in Sanskrit ( श्री गुरुपादुकापञ्चकम् )

Jul 08 2017 Tags: Guru, Gurudeva, sanskrit, stotram

This beautiful stotram is composed by Shri Adi Shankara Bhagawat pada with five verses called “Guru Paduka Panchakam. Guru Paduka means Sandals of Guru. These five verses were supposed to have been sung by the Bhagawat Pada when he went first to meet his Guru Govinda Bhagawat Pada on the banks of Narmada. He has also written another stotram called Guru Paduka stotram. The last stanza of this beautiful stotram is Phalashruti ie the results you will get by chanting this stotram. The translation says that The king of teachers will live in their houses and the mother of wealth will grace it...

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Shri Brihaspati Kavacham in Sanskrit श्री बृहस्पति कवचम् (श्री गुरु कवचम् )

May 07 2017 Tags: Brihaspati, Guru, Kavach, sanskrit

Sri Brihaspati is also known as Deva-guru i.e guru of the gods. Sri Brihaspati is the god of wisdom and eloquence. Sri Bṛihaspati is the name for the planet Jupiter & rules over the signs Dhanu (Sagittarius) and Meena (Pisces). Sri Bṛihaspati also represents the balance of past karma, religion, philosophy, knowledge and issues relating to offspring. He is concerned with education, teaching and the dispensation of knowledge. Shri Brihaspati Kavacham has the power to fulfill all the wishes in life. One should listen or practice this kavacham for attaining education, knowledge, vastness, growth and expansion in life. Guru or Jupiter, when...

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