Shaligrama Sudarshan shila bracelet in pure silver with Tulsi beads


This is beautiful bracelet made of Sudrashan Shaligram shila in pure silver with tulsi beads on both sides in pure silver wire. The length of bracelet is around 8.0 - 8.5 inches Benefits Of Sudarshan Saligram * For protection against enemies and destruction of negativity. * For paying obeisance to Lord Vishnu / Shri Ra...Read more

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This is beautiful bracelet made of Sudrashan Shaligram shila in pure silver with tulsi beads on both sides in pure silver wire.

The length of bracelet is around 8.0 - 8.5 inches

Benefits Of Sudarshan Saligram

* For protection against enemies and destruction of negativity.

* For paying obeisance to Lord Vishnu / Shri Ram / Lord Krishna.

* Neutralises negative energies of the earth due to faulty construction / wiring / underground stresses.

* Brings in positivity in the area with abundance and good health.

* Breaks negative energy patterns.

* Keeps negative / harmful vibes away.

* Sudarshan chakra Shaligram can charge upto 20 litres of poable water in 5 minutes.

* Our chakra system / individual chakras can be recharged, energized and balanced by the Sudarshan Chakra in minimum 5 minutes.

* Can be placed on individual chakra positions of human body directly.

For Vastu

* Small chakra can energize an area of upto 5 to 10 feet radius.

* Large chakra can energize an area of upto 15 feet radius.

* Amazing and very fast results when combined with parad bead.

Planetary Effects Of Sudershan Shalagrama

* Protects the person against Shani's malefic effects.

* For pleasing Shani and thus negating the malefic effects of Sade Sati (Saturn period).

* Srimad Bhagawatam Kuchelopakhyanam has mentioned that Shani himself told Rukamani the wife of Lord Krishna that he goes easy on those who worship Sudarshan chakra form of Lord Vishnu.

About Shaligram :

Among the natural objects held in extraordinary veneration in India, the salagrama - stones are the most celebrated universally. The worship of these stones is widespread and dates back to a distant past. They are worshipped in temples, monasteries and households all over the country, as visible and natural emblems of Vishnu. The shipping of water in which these stones are bathed is a daily ritual for the pious Hindu belonging to the old and traditional families. The presence of these stones is indispensable while performing Daily and occasional ceremonies and festivals of a religious nature. They are also worshipped in quasi-religious functions like house-warming (grhapravesa, vastu-puja), Pacificatory rites of different sorts (santi), marriages and funerary rituals. A salagrama Is worshipped by householders as well as by ascetics.

The Shaligrams are specifically described as fossil-stones which have taken shape in the Gandaki-river, and are characterized by the presence of discus marks. The legend, related at length tells us that Gandaki, the lady-devotee, performed penances for long years, and that she got a boon from Vishnu, which made Vishnu reside in her depths , the Shaligram-stones are thus the forms of Vishnu. Like the worship of Siva in the form of a lingam, the worship of Vishnu in the shape of a Shaligram is an iconic in character.
Shaligrams are always naturally found in the river Gandaki. These also include the famous Kali-Gandaki River, Muktinath, Damodar Himal, Damodar Kunda, Devghat, etc.
As per Gautamiya Tantra, near the Kali - Gandaki River, there is a big place called Shalagram.The stones which appear in that place are called shalagram shila. According to the Hindu tradition this stone is the shelter for a small insect known as Vajra-Keeta that has a diamond tooth which cuts through the Shaligram stone and stays inside it. The Saligram stones are hundreds of million years old when the Himalaya was an ocean floor .The marks on the Shaligram give it a special significance, with the pattern often representing that of Sudarshan Chakra, the Discus of Lord Vishnu.

The Shaligram Shilas bestows the devotee with immense wealth, wordly comforts, dignity and respect in the society, removes hurdles, provides extreme protection from any type of occult, Nazar Dosha, black magic, removes all types of Doshas from the lives of the devotee, shows the devotee correct path for progress, spiritually uplifts him, helps in undertaking Sadhnas and attainment of Salvation.
The Shaligram Shilas ensures a peaceful environment prevails at the devotee's house and the work place. Lord Narayan and Laxmi accept the prayers, obineances and stays at that place where Shaligram Shilas are worshipped.

Shalagram Shila: Shastra Quotes

Salagrama Sila Rupi Yatra Tisthati Kesavah |
Tatra Devasurayaksa Bhuvanani Catur Dasa ||

With Keshava in the form of Salagrama sila reside all the devatas, asuaras, yaksas and the fourteen worlds.--- Padma Purana:

Lord Shiva states, "My devotees who offer obeisances to the shalagrama even negligently become fearless. Those who adore me while making a distinction between myself and Lord Hari will become free from this offence by offering obeisances to shalagrama. Those who think themselves as my devotees, but who are proud and do not offer obeisances to my Lord Vasudeva, are actually sinful and not my devotees. O my son, I always reside in the shalagrama. Being pleased with my devotion the Lord has given me a residence in His personal abode. Giving a shalagrama, is the best form of charity, being equal to the result of donating the entire earth together with its forests, mountains, and all.

Ato'dhisthana Vargesu Suryadisviva Murtisu |
Salagrama Silaiva Syad Adhisthanottamam Hareh ||

The Lord resides in many places in which he may be worshipped, but of all the places Salagrama is the best. --- Garuda Purana

Drstva Pranamita Yena Snapita Pujita Tatha |
Yajna Koti Samam Punyam Gavam Koti Phalam Bhavet ||

Lord Siva speaking to Skanda, Any person who has seen Salagram Sila, paid obeisances to Him, bathed and worshipped Him, has achieved the results of performing ten million sacrifices and giving ten million cows in charity. --- Skanda Purana - Haribhakti vilas

Pujito'ham Na Tair Martyair Namito'ham Na Tair Narah |
Nakrtam Martya Loke Yaih Salagram Silarcanam ||

Lord Siva speaking to Skanda states, In this mortal world, if anyone does not worship Salagram Sila, I do not at all accept any of their worship and obeisances.

Lord Vishnu states that, Any shila from the place of shalagramas can never be inauspicious though cracked, chipped, split in two though still in one piece, or even broken asunder.--- Brahma Purana

Lord Shiva also states, Even if a shila is cracked, split, or broken it will have no harmful effect if it is worshiped with attention and love by a devotee. It further states there that the Supreme Lord Hari, along with His divine consort, Lakshmi, live in the shalagrama that has either only the mark of a cakra, a cakra along with the mark of a footprint, or only a mark resembling a flower garland.--- Skanda Purana

Merely by touching a shalagrama one becomes freed from the sins of millions of births, so what to speak of worshiping Him! By shalagrama puja one gains the association of Lord Hari.--- Gautamiya Tantra

Shalagramas do not require installation ceremony. When one begins the worship of shalagrama, however he should start with elaborate puja using all articles. The worship of shalagrama is the best form of worship, better than the worship of the sun.--- Skanda Purana

Bhaktas should take the charanamrita mixed with Tulasi leaves from the shalagrama in their hand and sip it, sprinkling the balance on their heads. ---Gautamiya Tantra

All those holy rivers awarding moksha, such as the Ganga, Godavari and others, reside in the caranamrita of shalagrama.--- Padma Purana

Shalagrama should not be placed on the earth or ground and worshiped. ---Sammohana Tantra

In puja of shalagrama it is unnecessary to call the Lord for worship or request Him to return His abode upon completion.--- Shrimad Bhagavatam

Sri Narada Muni states, It is impossible to fully explain the importance of Tulasi leaves (Holy Basil) in the worship of shalagrama, as Tulasi is the most beloved consort of Hari in the form of shalagrama.--- Brihan-naradiya Purana

Lord Shiva tells Parvati, He who takes the charanamrita of shalagrama destroys all sinful reactions at their roots, even the killing of a brahmana.--- Skanda Purana

By taking the remnants of foodstuffs offered to shalagrama, one will get the result of performing many sacrifices.--- Skanda Purana

Shree Saligram Sila-stotram

Yudhistiro Uvacha

King Yudhistir asked

Shree Dev Dev devesa Devarchanamutamam
Tat sarbam srotaumichhami Bruhime Purushotamam / 1/

My dear Supreme Lordship Purushotam, I request you know the significance of the saligram sila.

Shree Bhagavan Uvacha - The Lord Replied

Gandakyam Chotare Tire Girirajshchya Dakshine !
Das Yojan Vistirnam Mahachhetra Vasundhara //2//
Saligramo Vabet Devo Devi Dwara Bati Vabet
Uvayo Sangamo Yatra Mutistratrana Sansaya //3//

Saligramo Sila Yatra Yatra dwara Bati Sila

Uvayo Sangamo Yatra Mutistratrana Sansaya //4//

The mountains known as the Himalaya are situated on the bank of river Gandaki. In the south of this Himalaya a big and beautiful tract of land is situated where you can find saligrams sila. This is the place where Devi Dwarabati begins. This place is called by those who know, Sri Mukti Kshetra.

Ajanma Krita Papanam Prayaschitam Ya Ichati
Saligram Silawari Paphari Namastute //5//
Akal Mritu Haranam Sarvabyadhi Binasanam
Vishu Padodakam Pitwa Shirasha Dharyamyaham //6//
Sankha Madhya Sthitam Toyyam Vramitam Keshavopari
Angalagnam Manukshanam Bramha Hatya Dikam Dayat //7//

Saligram Silas found here are very precious and significant. These silas are considered to be directly Lord Vishnu Himself and the person who worships or even keeps in the house or bathes the Salagram and drinks water or pour those waters on their head, that man becomes free from all sin and it prevents from untimely death. That person becomes free from all sin and all material disease. The most feared sin of Bramahatya ( killing of a Brahmin) is also washed away simply by worshiping the Saligram.

Snano Dakam Piben Nityam Chakrankita Sirot Vabam
Partkshallya Sudham Tatoyam Bramha Hatya Byapohati //8//
Agnistomasahasnani Vajapaya Satanicha
Samyak Phalama Bapnoti Visnornai Vedya Vakshina //9//

That person who does snan (bathing) of saligram with chakra everyday get gets rid of all sin like Bramahatya, and if he drinks such water daily gets the equal boon of thousand of havan (fire sacrifices) of Lord Vishnu.

Naivadyayuktam Tulsim cha Misritam Vishesta Pada Jalen Vishnu
Yoshnati Nityam Purato Murari Prapnoti Yazya Uta Koti Pundyam //10//

The person, who worships saligram with Tulsi leaf daily, gets the boon of million Yajna also.

Khandita Sphutita Viina Vandi Dakdhya Tathi Va Cha
Saligram Sialyatra Tatra Dosho Na Vidyate//11//

Even if a Salagram is damaged or broken, all sila are good to worship

Namantra Pujanam Naiva Natirtham Na cha Bhabanaa
Na stutir Na uppachars cha Saligram Silar cha ne //12//
Bramha Hatya Dikam Papam Manobak Karya Sambhamam
Shirgram Nachyati Tatsarvam Saligram Silrchana//13//

With out worship, with out offering any sweets or with out any pilgrims - only chanting this saligram mantra is enough to wash away all sins and is the fulfillment of all desire.

Nanabarna Mayam Chiva Nana Bhogena Vestitam
Tathavarprasadena Laxmi Kantam Balamhayam //14//
Narayanorbhabo Dev Chakramadya Cha Karmana
Tathavarprasadena Laxmi Kantam Balamhayam//15//

There are various kinds of size and shape of saligram in which Lord Vishnu is situated representing all the different incarnations.

Krishane Sila Taneyatra Susmam Cakram Cha Drisyate
Saovagyam Santatim Dhatye Sarva Sakshaym Dadhaticha//16//

Good Luck increases and one gets satisfaction from children, and in every way in every aspect, all good enters one's life by worshipping saligram black in colour with little chakras.

Padom Dakamcha Nirmalyam Mastake Dharayet Shada
Visnor Dristam Vakshitabyam Tulsi Jal Misritam//26//
Kalpa Koti Sahasrani Vaikunthe Basate Sada
Saligram Sila Vinur Hatya Koti Vinasanam//27//

Any person who offers a Tulasi leaf while worshipping the saligram gets salvation and can stay at Vaikuntha (the place where Vishnu live - means free from anxiety) for million years.

Tasmat Sampujayet Dhyatwa Pujitam Chapi Sarvada
Saligram Silas Trotram Yah Pathecha Dijotam//28//
Sa Gakshet Parmam Sthanam Yatra Lokeshworo Hari
Sarva Pap Binir Muktwa Vishnu Lokam Sa Gashati//29//

Therefore always worship saligram, and chant saligram stotra which is very beneficial for mankind. We can get one a higher position on Vishnu Lok (Vaikuntha) simply by doing so. All sins will also be destroyed and it is guaranteed that one gets to Vishnulok simply from this process of worshiping the saligram.

Dusovataro Devanam Prithak Varnastu Disyate
Ipsitam Labate Rajyam Vishnu Pooja Manukramat//30//
Kotyohi Vramhahatyanamgamyagamya Kotaya
Ta Sarva Nasamayamti Vishu Nai Vidya Vakshanat//31//
Vishno Pador Dakam Pitwa Koti Janmaghanasanam
Tasma Dasta Gunam Papam Ghumou Vindupatnat//32//

There are various types of description available for Lord Vishnu's ten primary incarnation therefore the Lord's incarnation Shree Saligram's worship, the Prayer to the Saligram and drinking the Lord's bathing water wash away sins of million lives and one gets great prosperity, wealth and reputation through this, so everyone everywhere the Saligram should be worshiped.

Iti Shree Vishotara Purane Shree Saligram Sila-stotram Sumpurnam!!.


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