Mantra Om Saravana Bhava meaning

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Om Saravana Bhava or Aum Saravana Bhava mantra contains the essence of the six-faced Lord Skanda. You can access the energy of Lord Skanda by chanting this potent mantra. Lord Skanda also known as Murugan , Kartikeya and Subramanya is the younger son of God Shiva and Devi Parvati. Lord Murugan, also known as Skanda or Karthikeya is the chief commander of the great divine army, a fine, dynamic soldier of the within, a fearless defender of righteousness. We can receive the energy of Skanda by learning the secret of Powerful Mantra “Om Saravana bhava“. Lord Murugan fulfills our wishes, removes our difficulties and liberates us. 

Om Saravana bhava

Sage Agastya (a revered Vedic sage), who mastered this mantra, revealed the secrets of the mantra:

" Om Saravana Bhava "

Om – is considered the most sacred mantra, represents the infinite, that all aspects of life are intertwined.
Sa – attracts all people to your side;
Ra – brings wealth and prosperity in your life;
Va – dissolves competition, diseases, debts and your physical discomforts;
Na – surmounts your problems through enemies;
Bha – attraction through charming;
VA – stops negativity and influence from bad planets and evil forces.

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