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Shri Hanuman sathika ( श्री हनुमान साठिका )

Dec 12 2020 Tags: Aarti, Anjaneya, Ashtakam, Hanuman, stotram, Stuti

Shri Hanuman Sathika is a powerful hymn in praise of Lord Hanuman. It has a total of sixty 'Chopais' hence the name 'Sathika'. This was composed by Great devotee saint poet Shri Tulsidas Ji. Recitation of this removes diseases, debts, enemies and obstacles in the path of success and brings happiness in one's life. Shri Hanuman Sathika can be started from any Tuesday. One should chant this for 60 days unbroken to get above mentioned benefits. One should rise early in morning, do proper pooja of Shri Rama and then Shri hanumana, after this one should start chanting Shri Hanuman Sathika....

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Var de Veenavadini - Maa Saraswati prayer in hindi

Feb 11 2019 Tags: Aarti, Saraswati

Var de veenavaadini is a famous Maa Saraswati vandana composed by Poet Suryakant tripathi nirala. Goddess Saraswati is the goddess of learning, wisdom, knowledge, fine arts, refinement, science and technology. Vasant Panchami is treated by celebrants as Goddess Saraswati's birthday. People worship Goddess Saraswati to attain enlightenment through knowledge and to rid themselves of lethargy, sluggishness and ignorance. वर दे, वीणावादिनि वर दे !प्रिय स्वतंत्र-रव अमृत-मंत्र नव भारत में भर दे !काट अंध-उर के बंधन-स्तरबहा जननि, ज्योतिर्मय निर्झर;कलुष-भेद-तम हर प्रकाश भर जगमग जग कर दे !नव गति, नव लय, ताल-छंद नवनवल कंठ, नव जलद-मन्द्ररव;नव नभ के नव विहग-वृंद को नव पर, नव...

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Aarti Shri Kali mata Ki ( आरती श्री काली माता की )

Jun 11 2018 Tags: Aarti, Kali, Mahakali

Goddess Mahakali is known as the Goddess of time and death. Goddess Mahakali is considered to be the consort of Lord Mahakala. Goddess Mahakali is believed to be the form of Adi Parashakti. The description of Goddess Mahakali is written in various Hindu scriptures and in those scriptures she is portrayed as Adi Shakti, hence she is believed to be the manifestation of Goddess Durga. Goddess Mahakali usually depicted black in color carrying a sword, trident, head and a bowl containing the blood of severed head. Her eyes are red and her tongue stays outside of her mouth in anger. She wears...

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Aarti Shri Kunj Bihari Ki ( आरती श्री कुंज बिहारी की )

Jun 08 2018 Tags: Aarti, Krishna, Vishnu

"Aarti Kunj Bihari Ki" is a Shri Krishna Prayer. Kunj Bihari is another name of Shri Krishna. Shri Kunj bihari literally means one who loves to walk in gardens. Aarti Kunj Bihari ki is one of the most widely sung Shri Krishna Song on Krishna Janmashtami or Srikrishna Jayanti Day, the birth day of Sri Krishna. Singing or listening Aarti Kunj Bihari ki helps getting rid of tension and negative vibes. आरती श्री कुंज बिहारी की आरती कुंजबिहारी की, श्री गिरिधर कृष्णमुरारी की ॥गले में बैजंती माला, बजावै मुरली मधुर बाला। श्रवण में कुण्डल झलकाला, नंद के आनंद नंदलाला।गगन सम अंग कांति काली, राधिका चमक...

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Aarti Shri Tulsi Mata Ki ( आरती श्री तुलसी माता की )

May 24 2018 Tags: Aarti, Tulsi

Tulsi mata aarti is sung in praise of Goddess Tulsi who is also known as Vishnupriya - beloved of Lord Vishnu.  In Sanskrit the term 'Tulsi' means "the incomparable one" and is regarded as Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and the consort of Lord Vishnu. Tulsi plant is regarded as a Goddess according to the Hindus. She is very close to Lord Vishnu and no ritual is ever deemed complete without the presence of Tulsi leaves. The Tulsi plant also has great medicinal benefits. It is an important herb which is used in Ayurvedic treatment and is a cure for many diseases like...

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Aarti Maa Annapurna Ji Ki (आरती माँ अन्नपूर्णा जी की)

May 23 2018 Tags: Aarti, Annapoorna, Annapurna

Annapurna is a Sanskrit name which literally means 'Anna' means food and 'purna' means complete; together the term Annapurna signifies nourishing with food to the fullest. In Hinduism, Annapurna is " the universal and timeless kitchen-goddess" - the mother who feeds. Without her there is starvation, a universal fear: This makes Maa Annapurna a universal goddess. Her most popular shrine is located in Varanasi, on the banks of the river Ganga." Her association with the giving of food (wealth) led her in time to be transformed into Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth.  आरती माँ अन्नपूर्णा जी की बारम्बार प्रणाम, मैया बारम्बार...

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Aarti Shri Dhanvantri Ji Ki ( आरती श्री धन्वन्तरि जी की )

May 18 2018 Tags: Aarti, Dhanvantri

Shri Dhanvantri is the God of ayurvedic medicine. Shri Dhanvantri holds the Kalasha (pot) full of nectar of immortality. Scriptures say that one who prays to Shri Dhanvantri is released from all diseases. People pray to Shri Dhanvantri, asking him for improved or good health for themselves and for others. Shri Dhanvantri aarti should be sung daily for his blessings. आरती श्री धन्वन्तरि जी की जय धन्वन्तरि देवा, जय धन्वन्तरि जी देवा।जरा-रोग से पीड़ित, जन-जन सुख देवा।।जय धन्वन्तरि देवा, जय धन्वन्तरि जी देवा॥ १ ॥ तुम समुद्र से निकले, अमृत कलश लिए।देवासुर के संकट आकर दूर किए।।जय धन्वन्तरि देवा, जय धन्वन्तरि जी देवा॥ २...

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Aarti Shri Bhairav ji ki ( श्री भैरव जी की आरती )

May 15 2018 Tags: Aarti, Bhairav, Bhairavar

Shri Bhairav or Bhairavar is an incarnation (avatar) of Lord Shiva. Shri Bhairav is widely worshipped by tantriks and yogis to gain various siddhis. Shri Bhairav is granter of Siddhis, Luck, Prosperity, Peace and Sons . Shri Bhairav worship is very useful to defeat your enemies, and to get success and all materialistic comforts. It is very easy to please Shri Bhairav by doing normal worship daily. Sri Bhairav guard the Shiva temple, due to which he is called "Kotwal" also. श्री भैरव जी की आरती जय भैरव देवा प्रभु जय भैरव देवा ।जय काली और गौरा देवी कृत सेवा ॥ जय भैरव देवा प्रभु जय...

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Aarti Shri Narasimha Bhagwan Ki ( आरती श्री नरसिंह भगवान की )

May 15 2018 Tags: Aarti, Narasimha, Narsimha, Vishnu

Shri Narasimha also known as Narsingh, is the fourth incarnation of God Vishnu. Lord Narasimha ("man-lion") is described as an incarnation (avatara) of Vishnu within the Pouranic texts of Hinduism who takes the form of half-man / half-lion, having a human torso and lower body, but with a lion-like face and claws. He is worshipped in deity form by a significant number of Vaishnava groups throughout India (especially in the South) and is primarily known as the 'Great Protector', being a form of Vishnu who specifically defends and protects his devotees in times of need. Shri Narasimha pujan is done for protection from...

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Tumhre Bhawan Par Jyot Jage - Maa Vaishno Aarti in hindi

Mar 15 2018 Tags: Aarti, Durga

Tumhre Bhawan Par Jyot Jage is a famous aarti dedicated to Lotus feet of mata Vaishno. This aarti was originally sung by Narendra Chanchal in the movie Chunariya Maiya Ki. Devotees sing the aarti 'Tumhre Bhawan Par Jyot Jage ' to praise Maa Vaishno and to get her blessings. तुमरे भवन पर ज्योत जागे ज्योत जागे रे मेरे पाप भागेआनंद मंगल हो रही मेरी अम्बा..ब्रह्मा जी वैद पड़ें तेरे द्वारे शंकर ध्यान लगाये मैया के द्वार्वेशंकर ध्यान लगाये मेरी अम्बा..नारद नृत्य करे तेरे द्वारे काहना बीन बजाये मेरी मैया के द्वार्वे ,काहना बीन बजाये मेरी अम्बा..पंच-रंग सुआ चोला अंग बीराजे लाल किनारी...

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