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ą„ Welcome to Devshoppe, Worldwide Delivery , Paypal accepted , 100% Authentic Products

Shaligram Sudarshan Pendant in Black Vaijanti mala

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Rs.5,800.00 - Rs.5,800.00
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Black Vaijanti mala works as a kavach against black magic and evil eye.One who wears black vaijanti mala can't be harmed by any magic or tantra attack.Vaijanti seed comes from the forests where the god and goddess eternally make love. Vaijanti is a shiny seeds that grows in the forests of Braj. Lord Vishnu and Krishna love this mala. Vaijayanti means that which brings victory. Black beads of Vaijanti are also used for removing the malefic effects of the planet Saturn.

Total number of beads in mala - 54 + Sudarshan shaligram pendant as Guru bead

Mala is made in pure silver wire

Shaligram Sudarshan shila pendant is worn for pleasing Shani and thus negating the malefic effects of Sade Sati (Saturn period). For protection against enemies and destruction of negativity.For paying obesience to Lord Vishnu/Rama/Krishna.

Design: A beautiful rare Sudharshan chakra shaligram encased in a silver pendant.

Srimad bhagawatam Kuchelopakhyanam has mention that Shani Himself told Rukamani the wife of Lord Krishna, that he goes easy on those who worship Sudarshan chakra form of Lord Vishnu.

"To be worn with purity and faith". Can be worn both by men and women.

Details of Sudarshan Shila Shaligrama Silver pendant :-

  • Material - Sudrashan Shaligram shila
  • Metal - SilverĀ 
  • Weight of Silver in pendant - 7 grrams to 10 grams approx.

Note :- The displayed pendantĀ image is stock image. Shaligrama being natural god made products comes in all shapes, sizes and features, No two pieces are same. The actual product will be different than displayed image. The displayed image is just for reference purpose.


Note :Ā All Above mentioned Descriptions are according to Indian & Chinese Mythology or as per Metaphysical properties of Crystal stones. Seller takes no Responsibility whatsoever for any claim made in the Descriptions. Please don't stop your regular medical treatment. Please use these products as Alternative therapy only.Ā 

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