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Maha Sidh Sri Dattatreya yantra

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Sri Dattatreya yantra is very potent & a highly revered Yantra. Sri Dattatreya yantra is the Sacred Geometry Yantra of Bhagwan Guru Datta (Dattatreya) - the Guru of all Gurus (Divine Teacher of Teachers). Sri Dattatreya Yantra helps one in the acquisition of all knowledge, protects from evil eye (drishti, buri nazar),negative energy, acquires wealth and gains divine strength and spiritual wisdom.

Sri Dattatreya is Guru of all Gurus considered as Incarnation of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma born to the great Saint Atri and his devoted wife Anusuya . This is Datta meaning ” to give – Gift ” because a pure saint always gives back what he has to this world. In the Natha tradition, Dattatreya is recognized as an Avatar or incarnation of the Lord Shiva and as the Adi-Guru (First Teacher) of the Adi-Nath sampradaya of the Nathas. Although Dattatreya was at first a "Lord of Yoga" with Tantric traits, he was adapted and assimilated into the more devotional cults; while still worshiped by millions of Hindus, he is approached more as a benevolent God than as a teacher of the highest essence of Indian thought.

Sri Dattatreya is usually depicted with three heads, symbolising Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva; past, present, and future; and the three states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, and dreamless sleep. He is portrayed sitting in meditation with his shakti beneath the audumbara (wish-fulfilling) tree. In front of him is a fire pit, and around him are four dogs. These are sometimes said to symbolise the four Vedas. 

Given below are some of the popular mantras of Lord Dattareya.

  1. Om Guru Datta Namo Namaha ll Om Hareem Parambraham Parmaatmane Hari Harbrahyendraya Dattatroyaye swaha ll
  2. Dattaatreya Hare Krishna unmataananda daayaka, digambara, mune,baala, pishaaca, jnaana saagara ll
  3. Om namo Bhagavate Dattaatreyaaya smarana maatra samtushtaaya ll

Vedic Mantra for Sri Dattatraya

  1. Om Aaam Hreem Krom Ehi Dattatreya Swaaha ll Om aim krom klim klum rham rhim rhum souhou Dattatreyay Swaaha ll 

It is said that chanting these mantras infront of Sri Dattatreya yantra can help counteract the malignant influences of the planets (navagrahas), cure diseases and bring peace and joy.

Details of yantra :-

  • Metal - Copper
  • Size - 3 inches x 3 inches
  • Weight - 25 to 30 grams approx.

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