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ॐ Welcome to Devshoppe, Worldwide Delivery , Paypal accepted , 100% Authentic Products

Saubhagya Navagraha Mandala to appease Navagrahas

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Saubhagya Navagraha mandala is used to appease Navagrahas, brings in positive energy and remove Negativity from home/office. The Saubhagya Navagraha mandala has pyramid stones of nine colors representing each graha. Navagraha or the Nine Planets has great importance in Hinduism and Hindu rituals. Navagrahas are considered to play a major role in deciding the destiny of man. The Navagrahas are Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangal (Mars), Budha (Mercury), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu (North Lunar Node) and Ketu (South Lunar Node). It is believed that these nine planetary deities influence human lives and is responsible for all good or bad times, one faces in life. This mandala nullifies and completes with any evil effects of the grahas.

Aum symbols and Shivlinga is also made on this mandala as this has been proved by researches that Aum sound floats in Solar system. 

Details of Saubhagya Navagraha Mandala :-

  • Metal - Solid Brass
  • Size - 11 inches x 6 inches
  • Weight - 1970 grams , with box 2130 grams (approx.)
  • Benefits - Appease Navagrahas , brings in positive energy and removes negativity

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