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Shri Santoshi Mata Chalisa ( श्री सन्तोषी माता चालीसा )

May 20 2018 Tags: Chalisa, Santoshi, Santoshi mata

Santoshi Mata (संतोषी माता) or Santoshi Maa (संतोषी माँ) is a relatively new goddess in the Hindu pantheon. She is venerated as "the Mother of Satisfaction". Santoshi Maa is an emblem of happiness, love and hope. Santoshi Mata Chalisa is sung in praise of Goddess Santoshi. It is believed that fasting and praying for her 16 Consecutive Friday's bring peace and prosperity in one's family.  श्री सन्तोषी माता चालीसा ॥ दोहा ॥ बन्दौं सन्तोषी चरण रिद्धि-सिद्धि दातार ।ध्यान धरत ही होत नर दुःख सागर से पार ॥ भक्तन को सन्तोष दे सन्तोषी तव नाम ।कृपा करहु जगदम्ब अब आया तेरे धाम ॥ ॥ चौपाई...

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Jai Santoshi mata - Santoshi mata aarti in hindi

Apr 10 2017 Tags: Aarti, Santoshi, Santoshi mata

Santoshi mata is very powerful goddess. Santoshi Mata is referred as the goddess of satisfaction. She is the daughter of Lord Ganesha (No Puranic reference of this fact though) . Santoshi mata accepts all the sorrows, problems and ill fate of all her devotees and blesses them with prosperity and happiness. Maa Santoshi is worshiped on Friday and it is believed that people get all their wishes fulfilled by worshipping Goddess Santoshi by keeping 16 consecutive fasts and following the strict rule of refraining from all the sour eatables. One should chant Santoshi mata aarti for peaceful and satisfactory life. संतोषी माता...

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