Mysterious appearance of Sriyantra in Oregon USA

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The unexplained mystery of the Sri Yantra in Oregon , USA.

In 1990 Air National Guard pilot Bill Miller noticed a strange formation on an Oregon dry lake bed that the Air National Guard frequently flew over on training missions. The massive formation is a quarter mile wide and is located 70 miles southeast of Burns, Oregon, in an area known as Mickey Basin.This Is Sriyantra found in one of the dried lake at Oregon in USA. It is 13 miles in length and width. 

In his earlier round about 30 minutes before Miller first noticed the glyph, there had been no trace of this formation. Neither had any of the other pilots of the Idaho National Guard (who regularly train over this corridor), observed any unusual activity or a design-in-process in this area. The etching simply appeared that morning. There was no possibility of any of the other pilots having missed such a prominent formation in process of being made.

Oregon Sriyantra

This picture was taken above 9000 ft height. Each line has 10 inches in width and 3 inches in depth. So, it is highly impossible for the mankind to draw this and it is still a mystery that who created this. Sri Yantra Geoglyph arrived in August 1990 in the middle of no where for no one to see.  It was later identified as an ancient Hindu meditation icon.

The news hit the media in the United States on 12th September, 1990 when Boise TV station first aired the story. As soon as the story was aired, the glyph was quickly identified as the ancient Hindu meditation device- the Sri Yantra- identical in shape and proportion, and in its geometrical properties. No one had a theory why a pictograph of a complex Hindu meditation yantra should appear in the wilderness of Oregon. The story caught the attention of the media and the viewers alike.

By September 14th, the story was picked up by the Associated Press, Bend Bulletin and the Oregonian. The Oregonian reported that some architects that had been contacted by the newspaper, had said that the cost of conducting a land survey alone, before such a project could be initiated, would range from 75,000 to 100,000 dollars.

Four people claimed to have made the formation but could not repeat the operation by which they claimed to do it. They could only produce a score of a half inch in the hardpan. Moreover, there were no signs of human activity around the site and the formation simply appeared one day, without pilots noticing any ongoing activity as part of its creation.Two United States researchers, Don Newman and Alan Decker, visited the site on the morning of 15th September and reported that no trace of tyre track markings or footprints were visible anywhere close to the site even though their own station wagon had now left quarter inch deep marks into the hard crust of the surface along the track from where they had approached the formation.

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The unexplained mystery of the Oregon Sri Yantra

Image Courtesy : Bill Witherspoon

सन 1990 में एयर नेशनल गार्ड पायलट बिल मिलर द्वारा ऑरेगोन शुष्क झील में निचे देखा तो उन्हें श्रीयंत्र की आकृति दिखाई दी | जिसकी रेखाएं 13 मील तक फैली थी हर एक लाइन की चौड़ाई 10 इंच चौड़ी थी तथा 3 इंच गहरी थी | उस जगह पर मनुष्य निर्मित होने कोई सबूत नहीं मिला यह किसी द्वारा बनाया नहीं गया बल्कि प्राकृतिक बना है | लेकिन अमेरिका की ओरेगोन झील जब सूखी तो उसमे दिखा तेरह मील बड़ा 'श्रीयंत्र' ये वही श्री यंत्र है जो हिन्दू अपने पूजा स्थलियो में रखते है प्राचीन काल से | समाचार पत्रों ने शहर के विख्यात वास्तुविदों एवं इंजीनियरों से संपर्क किया तो उन्होंने भी इस आकृति पर जबरदस्त आश्चर्य व्यक्त करते हुए कहा कि इतनी बड़ी आकृति को बनाने के लिए यदि जमीन का सिर्फ सर्वे भर किया जाए तब भी कम से कम एक लाख डॉलर का खर्च आएगा | श्रीयंत्र की बेहद जटिल संरचना और उसकी कठिन डिजाइन को देखते हुए जब इसे सादे कागज़ पर बनाना ही मुश्किल होता है तो सूखी झील में आधे मील की लम्बाई-चौड़ाई में जमीन पर इस डिजाइन को बनाना तो बेहद ही मुश्किल और लंबा काम है, यह विशाल आकृति रातोंरात नहीं बनाई जा सकती | गूगल में "oregon sriyantra" लिख कर सर्च करें, आप निःशब्द रह जाएंगे | 

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