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Meaning of ' Adesh ' in Natha tradition Hindi article

Jan 18 2019 Tags: Facts, Gorakhnath, Nath, Navnath

Meaning of ' Adesh ' in Natha tradition Hindi article. नाथ पंथ मे "आदेश" का अर्थ :-नाथ योगी अलख (अलक्ष) शब्द से अपने इष्ट देव का ध्यान करते है। परस्पर आदेश शब्द से अभिवादन करते हैं।अलख और आदेश शब्द का अर्थ प्रणव या परम पुरुष होता है जिसका वर्णन वेद और उपनिषद आदि में किया गया है। आत्मेति परमात्मेति जीवात्मेति विचारणे।त्रयाणामैकयसंभूतिरादेश इति किर्तितः।।आदेश इति सद्‌वाणिं सर्वद्वंद्व्‌क्षयापहाम्‌।यो योगिनं प्रतिवदेत्‌ सयात्यात्मानमैश्वरम्‌।।- सिद्ध सिद्धांतपद्धति"आ" आत्मा"दे" देवात्मा/परमात्मा"श" शरीरात्मा/जीवात्माआत्मा, परमात्मा और जीवात्मा की अभेदता ही सत्य है, इस सत्य का अनुभव या दर्शन ही “आदेश कहलाता है. व्यावहारिक चेतना की आध्यात्मिकता प्रबुद्धता जीवात्मा और आत्मा...

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Shri Gorakhnath Chalisa ( श्री गोरखनाथ चालीसा )

Aug 11 2017 Tags: balaknath, Chalisa, Gorakhnath, Navnath

Guru Gorakhnath also known as Gorakshanath, was a saint who is believed to have lived during the 11th and 12th century AD. Gorakhnath is one of the acknowledged saints of the Nath tradition. He is revered as the Supreme Manifestation of the Supreme Divinity. He is also referred to as Mahayogi, Mahaguru, Aadi Nath, Siddhayogiraj and Shiva Goraksha. Shri Gorakhnath Chalisa is a forty verse powerful prayer to worship Guru Gorakhnath.  श्री गोरखनाथ चालीसा दोहा गणपति  गिरजा  पुत्र  को सुमिरु  बारम्बार  | हाथ  जोड़  बिनती  करू शारद  नाम  आधार ||   चोपाई  जय  जय  जय  गोरख  अविनाशी  | कृपा  करो  गुरुदेव...

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Aum Jai Kaladhari Hare - Shri Baba Balaknath ji Aarti

May 14 2017 Tags: Aarti, balaknath, Gorakhnath, Navnath

Baba Balak Nath is a Hindu deity worshipped in the northern Indian states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. The shrine is called Deotsidh. Baba balak Nath Temple is situated village Chakmoh of district Hamirpur on the top of a hill. The temple has a a cave in the hill which is the abode of Babaji. An idol of Babaji is placed in this cave. The devotees offer ‘Rot’ prepared with flour and Sugar / Gur ( jaggery ) at the altar of Babaji. Some of the devotees offer goats. Entry of females in the cave is forbidden. There is a...

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Gorakshya Peeth Siddhachal Mrigasthali , Nepal

Mar 18 2017 Tags: balaknath, Gorakhnath, Navnath, Pilgrimage, Temples

Gorakshya Peeth Siddhachal Mrigasthali is located at the ancient place, loved by many siddhas over the time. This place is considered to be loved by lord Shiva and Parvati. Gorakshya Peeth Siddhachal Mrigasthali is located inbetween Pashupatinath at North, Guheshwori at south and Gauri-Ghat at West. It is surrounded at its three sides by Bagmati river. This is the famous place where Shiva used to roam in the form of deer. This is the place where Gorakshya Nath Meditated and Macchendra Nath blessed him. Now, there is a Gorakh Nath Temple and ashram with many Nath Yogis at this place....

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