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Shri Navnath Namaskar Stotram (श्री नवनाथ नमस्कार स्तोत्र )

May 24 2022 0 Comments Tags: Navnath, sanskrit, stotram

In the Naatha sampradaya only nine Narayanas have incarnated as Navanatha on the earth. Shri Navnath are nine great saints who spread navnath sampraday, initiated by lord Dattatreya, in the world. These nine saints are actually nine super human beings who with their honesty, selfessness, auterity, devotion for their teacher, lord Dattatreya, and the mantra power defeated the deities like lord shiva, lord vishnu, Hanuman, Virbhadra, Indra, Goddess Chamunda, Ghost Vetaal  (King of World Ghosts),Ashtabhairavas, and others according to the Book “Shri Navnath Bhaktisar” Lord Navnaths and Nathpanthiyas had a World strongest Weapon Called “Vatakarshana Astra” but Lord Shiva Banned This...

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