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ॐ Welcome to Devshoppe, Worldwide Delivery , Paypal accepted , 100% Authentic Products

Das Mahavidya yantra silver pendant

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The Das Mahavidyas are Wisdom Goddesses. Das means ten, maha means great, and vidya means wisdom. The Das Mahavidyas are considered forms of Divine Mother Kali, who is the first of the then Mahavidyas. Each Wisdom Goddess has her own name, story, quality, and mantras.

Various form of 10 Mahavidyas is given below:-

Goddess Mahakali 

The Goddess Kali is the most superior among the ten Mahavidya, which gives immediate result to her sadhak/ worshipper. She can give her sadhak everything which is necessary to live in the world. She gives protection from bad influence of planet Saturn and gives name, prosperity, money, and fame to her sadhak.

Goddess Tara: –

Goddess Tara gives power of speech, salvation and pleasure. She is worshipped for the destruction of enemies in tantric method. She also removed the malefic effects of planet Jupiter. She should be worshiped by businessman for expansion of business, fame and name.

Goddess Tripurasundari:-

Goddess Tripura Sundari maintain the third position among all the ten Dus Mahavidya. She is the one having extreme beauty and possessing power of delighting the sense, exciting intellectual and emotional admiration in the three worlds of Akashm, patal and Dhatri. Goddess Tripura Sundari is also called shodashi because she posses all the sixteen supernatural powers.

Goddess Bhuvaneshwari:-

Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is considered as the fourth Mahavidya. Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is the queen of the universe. She gives protection from bad influence of planet Moon. Goddess Bhuvaneshwari gives immediate result to obtain House and vehicle, good fortune and beauty.

Goddess Bhairavi: –

Goddess Bhairavi is the fifth of the Ten Mahavidya Goddess. Goddess Bhairavi is the consort of the Bhairav which is the fierce manifestation of lord Shiva associated with the annihilation. Goddess Bhairavi bestows protection, eloquent speech, radiance, safety and safe journey.

Goddess Chinnamasta:-

Goddess Chinnamasta is a symbol of self control on sexual desire as well as embodiment of sexual energy depending on the interpretation. Goddess Chinnamasta is form of Shakti who is ferocious and Chinnamasta means ‘several head’. Worshiping goddess Chinnamasta bring power of will and the vision.

Goddess Dhumavati:–

Goddess Dhumavati is the smoke form of Shakti. She is known as the eternal widow, the Shakti without Shiva. She is the seventh Mahavidya. Goddess Dhumavati is the divine mother at the time of the deluge, when the earth is under water. While being unattractive and fearsome, she is blessing with her right hand those who can still see the divine mother in her.

Goddess Baglamukhi:

Baglamukhi is the eight form of the ten Mahavidya. She is symbolizing the potent female primeval force. Goddess Baglamukhi is worshipped for victory, smooth operation, and protection from cuts, power and dominance over foes. Worshipping Baglamukhi Goddess aids to succeed in law-suits and competition. Worshipping her is also effective in warding off demonic spirits.

Goddess Matangi: –

The Goddess Matangi is ninth form of the Dus Mahavidya. Goddess Matangi possess a dark complexion, a form of Saraswati incarnated as the daughter of Matang Rishi. She is siddha Vidya or tantras personified, thus commanding occult power.

Goddess Kamala: –

Goddess Kamala is the tenth form of the Dus Mahavidya. Goddess kamala is the goddess of inner and outer prosperity. Goddess Kamala is the symbol of Spirituality, love, relationship, passion and pleasure. Worship of Goddess kamala free one from debt, tension, poverty, problems and danger.

Details of Das Mahavidya silver pendant :-

  • Metal - Silver
  • Weight - 5.5 gms
  • Benefits - Blessings of Das Mahavidyas

*Note :- The images shown are of front and back side of same pendant. Price mentioned is for 1 piece only.

Note : All Above mentioned Descriptions are according to Indian & Chinese Mythology or as per Metaphysical properties of Crystal stones. Seller takes no Responsibility whatsoever for any claim made in the Descriptions. Please don't stop your regular medical treatment. Please use these products as Alternative therapy only. 

All items sold as religious curio only.

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