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Lord Surya (Sun god) on his seven Horses chariot - Brass Statue

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Surya (the Sun god) is one of the most important deities of the Vedas. According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Surya (Sun) is regarded as a planet and also the ruler of all planets that rotate around them. Lord Surya is the son of Sage Kashyap and Aditi. He usually has a lotus in each hand and is usually shown in a chariot drawn across the heavens by seven horses or one horse with seven heads. Surya dev is also shown with four hands, three carrying a wheel, a conch-shell and a lotus and the fourth in a protective mode.Various treatises and Indian Puranas say that there are many names of Lord Surya. And each name of Surya Dev refers to a quality of consciousness. Some of the names of the sun-god are Aditya, Savita, Surya, Mihira, Arka, Prabhakara, Martanda, Bhaskara, Bhanu, Chitrabhanu, Divakara and Ravi.

Being the source of light and warmth, he has the ability to control the seasons and the power to grant or withhold the ripening of the crops. As the economy was agricultural based, Surya is placed amongst the highest of the gods, specially for the agricultural communities.Lord Surya is the source of life, light and all energy in the cosmos. There is no alternate to the life-giving rays of the Surya Dev. He is the most powerful and majestic visible Devata. Surya Dev has also played role of Master-Guru for many Devatas, number of Seers and Devotees. The three worlds have the sun as their source of origin. The entire universe including Devas, Asuras and human beings originates from him. The brilliance of the deities namely Rudra, Upendra and Mahendra, the splendour of the leading Brahmins and heaven-dwellers of great refulgence, and of all the worlds is lord Sun-the soul of all, the lord of all-Devas as well as human beings. The sun alone is the root cause of three worlds. He alone is the greatest deity. There are large number of kings and rulers around the world, who represent Solar Dynasty.

It has been mentioned in the Brahma Purana that everything is born of Lord Surya; everything is dissolved in him. He is the cause of origin and destruction of the universe. The following units of time have their origin in the Sun-god like moments, Muhurta (units of 48 nets), days, nights, fortnights, months, years, seasons and Yugas.

Details of Surya dev idol:-

  • Metal - Brass
  • Shine - Dull
  • Height - 4 inches
  • Weight - 1.287 kgs

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