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Natural Amethyst crystal Pebbles - 1 Kgs

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Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals amongst gem collectors, crystal healers and energy workers. It's easy to find and very affordable. Because it's a stone of psychic awareness, it is often used in divination with great results.Amethyst is an incredibly beautiful crystal and is very popular amongst anyone who works with crystals for spiritual reasons. Amethyst is purple quartz. It is quartz that has formed in the presence of manganese which creates the lovely purple hue. Amethyst is associated with water. Energies seem to flow easily through it. It is a wonderful meditation and healing mineral. Amethyst is highly adaptable and is able to work in a wide range of vibratory levels. These pebbles should be placed in a bowl in south east corner. This is recommended by vastu/feng shui consultants for wealth luck Or can be used as per advice of crystal/reiki consultant.

*These stones can also be used in Aquariums.

  • Weight of pack - 1000 gram (1 kgs)
  • Colour of stones - Purple ( From Light to Dark shades)
  • Type of Stones - Amethyst
  • Shape - Assorted shapes
  • Size - Assorted sized stones in packet