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Raksha Sutra (Mouli / Kalawa) with ghungroo - set of 12 pieces

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Raksha sutra , Mouli or Kalawa is a cotton red thread roll, considered to be very sacred and used in all religious purposes of the Hindus. The thread is used as an offering of cloth to the deity. The Mouli thread is an integral part of any puja. Normally the Mouli is tied around the Sadhana article, that is, Mouli is tied around a copper tumbler filled with water. On its mouth is placed five mango leaves and a coconut in a red cloth is place it over the mouth of the tumbler. This represents the shrine you are offering puja. Next, before the start of the puja, the red sacred thread is tied around the wrist of the members of the family. As a rule, all males and married females wear it on the right hand. Unmarried females wear it on their left hands. The basic significance of wearing this thread is to get blessings from God. People also wear kalawa thread for protection.

Can be used on Ashtami or Navmi puja for kanjaks (small girls). Kanjaks love these raksha sutras.

These Raksha sutra threads have beautiful Ghungroo tied on them. These ghungroos produces beautiful sounds.

The mentioned price is for 12 such threads.

Length of each thread is around 11 inches (approx.)