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Rutile quartz Wrist mala of 27+1 beads

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Wrist mala beads are used for short meditation and to count daily prayers. You can use them as lesson reminder through out your day.

Rutile Quartz is an energizing and intuitive stone that helps with mental focus. It will help attract positive relationships, love and stability as well as help with many emotional issues. Helping to diminish fear and bring happiness by relieving guilt and easing loneliness it will create a feeling of self-reliance and confidence.

It can be used for meditation and spiritual dream work. Drawing from feminine ideas, it can help attain higher spiritual experiences and deflect any negative energies that may interfere with the Spiritual work of the individual.

Rutile Quartz is closely associated with the solar plexus “power” chakra.

Our Rutile quartz wrist mala has 27+1 beads in total.

We have used golden colored glass spacers in between the Rutile Quartz beads.