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Sri Kanakdhara yantra on bhojpatra

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Sri Kanakdhara yantra is used to Banish poverty from ones life. Are you heavily in debt, is your business failing, are you facing a severe financial crisis? If yes, then this Yantra is the answer to all your problems. Place it on a Wednesday in your worship place and having offered flowers and rice grains, light incense. Then chant -

|| Om Hreem Sahastravadane Kanakeshwari Sheeghram Avatar Aagachh Om Phat Swaahaa ||

only 21 times using crystal mala. Do this for 11 consecutive Wednesdays and then place the Yantra in your safe or where you keep your valuables or cash.

Size of Yantra is 5 inches x 5 inches

Made on 100% authentic bhojpatra sheet, laminated for longer life.