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Sri Sarva sidhi yantra

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Sri Sarva sidhi yantra is yet another powerful combination yantra by Devshoppe. A combination of 9 most powerful protection yantras made in thick copper sheet and gold polished.

The yantras in Sri Sarva sidhi yantra are:-

  • Shri Ganesh yantra
  • Shri Mahalakshmi yantra
  • Shri Saraswati yantra
  • Shri Gayatri sidh yantram
  • Shri Sri yantra
  • Shri Durga yantra
  • Shri Mahamrityunjaya yantra,
  • Shri Hanuman Yantra
  • Shri Baglamukhi yantra

This Yantra is very useful to all those who have begun a path of spiritual practice and find the going sticky or much slower than expected. It is also very useful to those who practice meditation and any form of process that involves breath control. This Yantra has been specially energized to radiate its beneficial powers.The Main purpose of this yantra is Being graced with Siddhis. The Yantra is embossed on Brass plate .

Size 9" x 11"

Weight of the yantra is around 250 - 300 gms.