Gorakshya Peeth Siddhachal Mrigasthali , Nepal

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Gorakshya Peeth Siddhachal Mrigasthali is located at the ancient place, loved by many siddhas over the time. This place is considered to be loved by lord Shiva and Parvati. Gorakshya Peeth Siddhachal Mrigasthali is located inbetween Pashupatinath at North, Guheshwori at south and Gauri-Ghat at West. It is surrounded at its three sides by Bagmati river. This is the famous place where Shiva used to roam in the form of deer. This is the place where Gorakshya Nath Meditated and Macchendra Nath blessed him. Now, there is a Gorakh Nath Temple and ashram with many Nath Yogis at this place.

Mrigasthali is very special place in the whole world.  It is the favorite place fore Lord Shiva, who is the creater, conserver and the destroyer of the whole Universe. Not only this, the whole universe is made of him.

Guru Gorakhnath is the incarnation of lord Shiva. He is also known as Shiva Gorakshya. He is the Yoga form of Lord Shiva. Yoga is supreme power which stablizes s the universe and which is itself the whole universe. ThisSiddha place of Gorakhnath is located in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal. This is the place where Guru Gorakhnath meditated. The Siddha temple of Gorakhnath and his Dhuna is located here. The Dhuna is glowing from very long time, and it is never extinguished. 

Gorakshya Peeth Siddhachal Mrigasthali

Very old aakhada of Bhesh Bara Panth Naath Yogis is located here. It is not any personal or national property. It belongs to all the Bhesh Bara Panth Nath Yogis. Now, there are few permanent residents in the aakhada. There is another Gorakhnath Temple in the center of Kathmandu city. It is in the Kastamandap temple. This temple is under the management and inspection of this aashram.

The Mahanta is elected in the democratic manner. He is elected by the conference of Bhesh Baara Panth Nath Yogi. Anyone who gets supported by the Bhesh Baara Panth, becomes the Mahanta of the temple. Similarly, the priest is selected.

Gorakh Nath is also Known as Gorakshya Nath. He is the Yoga power of Lord Shiva, who himself is the whole universe. There are many meanings for the name. First let's separate the name into smaller parts

Go + Rakshya = Gorakshya

The meaning of Go are Cow, Earth (or universe) or the Indriya (Through which person interacts with the outer world also moha or attachment). The meaning of Rakshya is to protect.

The combined meaning becomes as such : The one who protects us from the un-escapable net of moha by protecting the indriyas. When all the individual are protected from misutilizing their bodies, which develops the mind so much that we become able to know all the things in the universe, then the universe is protected as a whole.He is the teacher of Yoga. Yoga means the re-unification of the soul and the super soul (himself). We cannot write about him due to our inefficiency. One of the slokas is listed below which tells something about him.

Tum Sata-Chita-Aananda Sada Shive, Aagama Nigama Parey
Yoga Pracharana Karana Yuga Yuga, Gorakh Rupa Dharey

You are the super being, Sada Shiva. Farther than the knowledge of Aagama and Nigama.
You come here in the form of Gorakh Nath for preaching Yoga (Knowledge for reunification), time to time.

Another sloka describes him as

Gorakshya Balam, Guru Sishya Palam, Sesha Himalam, Sashikhanda Bhalam
Kalasys Kalam, Jeeta Janma Jaalam, Bandey Jatalam, Jagjadabjanalam

Gorakshya Balam - Gorakhnath in the form of child
Gurusishya Palam - The founder of Guru Sishya (student) custom
Sesha Himalam - Who sits on the sesh (king of snakes) or who is very fair coloured like the himalayas
Sashi-Khanda-Bhalam - Moon (Sashi) in crescent phase (khanda) at his forhead (bhalam)
Kalasya-Kalam - Who is is death of the death. or who has won the time
Jeeta Janma Jaalam - Who can win the process of rebirth and death.
Bandey Jatalam - We salute the jatadhari (with jata or long hair on head) gorakh
Jagjadabjanalam - Father of every thing (universe)


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